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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dynamics GP, FRx, Management Reporter and other Downloads

A few years back finding the link to a GP download used to be a little more complicated, than it is now. Now thanks to excellent lists maintained by various GP experts this is much easier.

Dynamics GP Release Downloads and GP Service Pack Downloads

My favorite link, is the page David Musgrave has been maintaining for Dynamics GP  9, GP 10, GP 2010 product downloads, service packs and System Requirements.  Scroll down to the appropriate section.

veeyeskay explains the importance of keeping clients on the latest version, and the download links for GP Service Packs (GP 8 onwards) in his post Important Links for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Mark Polino maintains an Office Live document which has a lot of very useful download links to all GP related software, GP Table Reference, links to his presentations and other reference items. Victoria Yudin maintains an excellent page with GP, FRx and SQL Resources, and other links here.

The downloads section in Partnersource is ofcourse the first place for all Product Releases and Service Pack Downloads.

FRx Downloads

In the FRx Downloads sub section, there is an excellent page by Vitoria Yudin - FRx Service Packs - with all the download information for FRx Service Packs (SP 1, SP 2, SP3, SP 4 , SP 5, SP 6 , SP 7 , SP 8 , SP 9 , SP 10, SP 11) and their version information. You can find FRx full download link at FRx 6.7 Full Download Links.

Integration Manager Downloads

Service Packs and Hotfixes for Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Integration Manager 10.0 Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

Integration Manager 9.0 downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0

Management Reporter Download

You can find Management Reporter Downloads via – Dynamics GP Blog

GP Tools Download

You can find the fantastic all empowering Support Debugging tool Download via the Support Debugging Tool Portal

Snapshot Tool Download - SnapShot for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Rapid Implementation Tools Can be found here - Rapidly implementing customers on Dynamics GP 2010!

Professional Services Tools Library Download 

Automated Solutions Download (Via Mariano) here or here

Via - http://www.gpwindow.com/DOWNLOADS/

Is there a link you would like to add ? Having trouble finding a download ?  Add your comments.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GPWindow.com – Thousands of GP Tips and Tricks from All MVPs and Experts

For a while now, we have had the custom GP Custom Search engine which searched handpicked Dynamics GP Blogs. Now you have an easy to remember Address for this Search Engine-  www.GPWindow.com.

In addition to the Search Engine, the GP Articles by various MVPs and Experts have been organized by categories, for people who like browsing rather than searching. There are over 6000 articles in various categories. The topics are ranked based on their importance based on how often they are recommended by other GP Experts.

As of today, there are 6169 articles organized into various GP categories like  - 


In this category, right on the top you will see Mark Polino’s extremely famous “50 MORE Tips in 50 Minutes” presentation. Under the main Tips and Tricks category, you can find hundreds of great tips for each module like -


2. REPORTING (531 Sub-Item) which includes MANAGEMENT REPORTER, SmartList Builder, Report Writer and so on.

3.  A category for the red hot SUPPORT DEBUGGING TOOL under TOOLS FOR GP (102 Sub-Items)

4.  OFFICE INTEGRATION (143 Sub-Items)

Some sample posts -

5. DEVELOPMENT (470 Sub-Items)

6. GP USER INFO (190 Sub-Items)

7. GP TECH INFO (249 Sub-Items)

This category would be useful for people who support or implement Dynamics GP. It has information about

8. DOWNLOADS (30 Sub-Items)

Hopefully this section will save everybody a lot of time. Here you will find the latest links for Dynamics GP Release Downloads, FRx DownloadsGP Service Pack Downloads, IM Downloads and Management Reporter Download

My favorite link here is the Dynamics GP Product Downloads and Service Pack Links maintained and kept current by David Musgrave


Here you will find Consultants Sell article by Martin from eOne Solutions, and lots of excellent articles by Dwight Specht like “I did my job” – “Yeah, but we suck” , Managing in a Downturn, Bad Client! Bad, Bad Client!Evaluation of Consulting Staff and many others.

10. GP 3RD PARTY SOLUTIONS / ISVs (188 Sub-Items)

Here you will find some product information including information about Free Dynamics GP Addon’s by Matt Landis and company.

11. SQL SCRIPTS (217 Sub-Items)

Here you will find the Useful SQL Scripts Series by David Musgrave and other scripts by Mariano, Mark, Victoria, M Daoud and Ron Wilson at Real Life Dynamics User Blog. You can find more than 200 scripts under various modules.

12. SECURITY IN GP (121 Sub-Item) 


This site is all Dynamics GP, so you would see a category for Dex.ini Settings (with excellent posts from Leslie Vail, Mariano and Mark ) and one for Reports.dic under SUPPORT (TECHNICAL) (438 Sub-Items) .

N0tes -

  1. There are over 200 categories so I highly recommend using “CTRL + F” to look for a category.
  2. There are over 6000 articles, the articles above are just a small selection from each category. I was also trying to keep a healthy mix of articles from all GP Experts. Please dig into a category to find out more articles. Over the next few months I will try and detail out the most popular articles in each category.

Thank you notes !

Thanks to David Musgrave for noticing and promoting the Custom GP Blog Search, which lead to GPWindow.com, and for his excellent review. Thanks to Vaidy for taking out time to review the website in detail, and staying up late to give his feedback in a busy week. Thanks to Mariano Gomez, the GP expert with the big heart, for passing on good words about GPWindow. Thanks to Mark Polino and M Daoud for their feedback.

Thanks to my good friend Evgeny for his techie magic. Thanks to Rubal, the idea-machine, for suggesting a URL and the directory, she already has ideas about the next version. Thanks to Kuldeep for telling me every Monday morning- “You know, I’ll tell you the truth - the website looked pretty average last week, but now it ROCKS! It looks very useful now!”, and after reading this post telling me “You know I like the site, and I like your post about it, but the Thank you notes are a little cheesy!” He said it was perfect, when I told him, the only name I could take out was his name.

Thanks to Chetna for volunteering to spend time in reviewing the website and checking meticulously if there was any missing data, to Tina for her keen eye pointing out all the things that didn’t work, to Richard and Belinda for their encouragement and humor!

Feedback and Next Steps -

  1. Use the website, Search or Directory, whatever you prefer. If you have trouble finding a download link, try looking it up in the Downloads category, if you are searching for a SQL Script, try using the search. If GPWindow helps, let me know or spread the word.
  2. If you go into a category and notice an old article missing, please shoot me a line. Because of the sheer volume of the articles there could be some articles missing from their appropriate categories. 
  3. Do see any categories missing ? or any categories that are difficult to find ?
  4. Any other feedback your might have – add it as a comment to this blog or shoot an email.

Hopefully GPWindow will help you find the extremely valuable articles created by people in the GP community ! Good Luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dynamics GP 9, GP 10, GP 2010 System Requirements, Product Downloads, Service Packs and more

David Musgrave has been maintaining a monster resource at Developing for Dynamics GP, which has

1. System Requirements

2. Product Downloads

3. Upgrade Documentation

4. SDK Links

5. GP Service Pack Links

and more …. for GP 9.0, GP 10.0 and GP 2010 all in one page.

I looked at the page before regarding the Developer KB articles, but just found out that David has been storing all the other valuable information as well. Should definitely save time for that rare occasion when you just cant seem to find the download link you are looking for.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dynamics GP Full Download Links

Every once in a while I still stumble (waste a few minutes) trying to find the GP Download Links. So summarizing them here in case any of you need it as well.

GP 2010 Release Download

GP 10  Release Download (Most Recent is Feature Pack 1 with SP 4)

GP 9 Release Download and then Download the Service Packs from here

GP 8 Release Download and then Download the Service Packs from here

The list of all GP Service Packs Versions can be found here

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dummy’s Guide to Capturing Log Files Using Support Debugging Tool

I have been a little slow in making good use of the Support Debugging Tool. However, it definitely seems to save considerably more time than it takes in setting up, so I am warming up more.

Now that I have the tool installed at a few places, generating DexSQL.Log, Profile.txt, Srcipt.Log takes just a couple of clicks as you will see below.

Here’s how I did it earlier –

1. Close Dynamics

2. Make Dex.ini Changes to enable logging

3. Log In and Generate Logs

4. Log out

5. Make Dex.ini Change to turn off logging

6. Log Back in

Here’s how I do it when I have Support Debugging Tool

1. Turn on Logging using Tool and Generate Logs

2. Turn off Logging using Tool

First you need to install the Tool (Just Copy the chunk file!)

1. Copy the “Debugger.cnk” file and paste it in the Dynamics GP Installation folder


1. Launch Dynamics and include the new code


2. Support Debugging will be available at Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Support Debugging Tool

Generating DexSQL.Log, Profile.txt, Script.Log with just a couple of Clicks

Typically you would want to capture the log associated with a specific action. You should turn on logging just before you reach that state.

1. Turn on Manual Logging by Clicking on the “Turn on” button

Carry out the action you want to log


2. Turn off Logging


You will find the log files in the GP Folder. To ensure that the log files are not overwritten, the User, Company and date and time information are appended to the default file name.


That's it! I especially loved this when the 30 odd minutes I had set aside to capture the logs, ended up being just 8 minutes!

More Information -

Download Link - http://blogs.msdn.com/developingfordynamicsgp/archive/2008/09/03/support-debugging-tool-the-wait-is-over.aspx

Introduction to the Tool By David - http://blogs.msdn.com/developingfordynamicsgp/archive/2008/07/30/support-debugging-tool-for-microsoft-dynamics-gp.aspx

First Look By Mariano Gomez - http://dynamicsgpblogster.blogspot.com/2008/08/first-look-at-support-debugging-tool.html 

Security Profiler and Screenshot Capturing Info by Mariano Gomez - http://dynamicsgpblogster.blogspot.com/2008/12/support-debugging-tool-redux.html

Friday, March 27, 2009

Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP - Resources

Getting Started ?

Visual Studio Tools SDK for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 - SP3 is out as of today, which supports VS 2008. You will need VS 2005 SP1.

If you get the error -".Net Framework 2.0 not detected", and you know you have .Net 2 installed, install the SDK from the SP2 download, where this error has been fixed.

Developer Toolkit Samples - There a couple of nice applications, that you can build on.

a) Field Defaulter - Uses events to default City and State fields when a user enters a ZIP code in Customer Maintenance

b) Estimate Freight - Estimates Freight Amounts for Sales Documents and fills it in the Sales TRx Entry Window.

Developer Toolkit Resources at Developing for Dynamics GP Blog

Need help ?

VS Tools Forum by Steve Gray - Excellent Resource for all VS Tools related troubleshooting and questions . 

Microsoft GP Developer Newsgroup

Tips and Tricks

Menus for Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 by David Musgrave and GP Developer Team- Add-On which helps in adding Menu items to GP Menu and to add your a form directly to the menu. This has been a great solution to one of the complicated parts of developing apps with VS Tools.

Reading a config file with VS Tools by Dave Dusek- Extremely helpful in adding custom switches for your app so you can make changes on the fly in your app.

Code For Centering the Add-In Windows on Screen regardless of Resolution by Mohammad Daoud

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Small Business Financials to Dynamics GP Migration

There used to be a Migration Tools option in Downloads, but I couldn't find it today. I spend 15 minutes searching for these, you shouldn't have to. These should come in handy in light of people moving away from SBF to Dynamics GP as no new product releases are planned for it.

Small Business Financials 8.0 to Great Plains 8.0 Migration Tool Information


Small Business Financials 9.0 to Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Migration Tool Information


Sunday, September 21, 2008

GP 10 (with SP2) and FRx 6.7 Full Download Links

This is kinda old, but because me and a few other people have trouble looking for the downloads when they need it.

GP10 + SP2 Download Link


This is the feature pack version. Bypasses the irritating .Net 2.0 SP1 issue!


FRx 6.7  + SP 9 Download Link


The download page says FRx Full Install for GP 10, but it works equally well with GP 9. Its just FRx 6.7 with SP9 slipstreamed.


FRx Service Packs

GP 10 Service Packs

SQL Server Service Packs

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

FRx 6.7 Service Pack Versions and Downloads

As a few of you found the links and information about GP Service packs and Versions useful, here is the list for FRx 6.7

Download Link for All Service Packs


FRx 6.7 RTM (6.7.141)

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 1 Download (6.7.1013) - August 30, 2004

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 2 Download (6.7.2013) - November 1, 2004

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 3 Download (6.7.3073) - March 4, 2005

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 4 Download (6.7.4031) - June 16, 2005

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 5 Download (6.7.5014) - November 8, 2005

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 6 Download (6.7.6062) - February 2, 2006

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 7 Download (6.7.7032) - June 9, 2006

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 8 Download (6.7.8069) - October 19, 2006

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 9 Download (6.7.9111) - March 19, 2007 (VISTA Compatible)

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 10 Download (6.7.10343) - March 28, 2008 (Must apply SP9 before applying this service pack)

FRx 6.7 Service Pack 11 Download (6.7.11027) - March 28, 2008 (Must apply SP9 before applying this service pack) (with Limited Windows 7 Compatibility)

Hope it helps,


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Microsoft FRx 6.7 Service Pack 10 has been released

I know this is like talking about the Sydney Olympics, now that you have all the news about Performance Point Server. However, this could be helpful if you have that FRx issue.

Note - You need to first install FRx 6.7  SP 9 and then install SP 10. :)

The download link and the list of issues fixed are available here -


Monday, January 7, 2008

Great Plains Service Pack Versions

Update - Find all GP Download Links here - http://www.gpwindow.com/DOWNLOADS/

I always stumble when I have to quickly find out the service pack version of a Great Plains installation. I almost get a panic attack.

It starts like this - Somebody says - Can you *quickly* tell me the service pack version of great plains on that machine/VPC? - and I immediately go to Help Icon | About Microsoft Dynamics GP and see that's it is 9.00.0281 or 8.00g63.

But which version is that ? SP 1, SP2 or SP3 ? I never remember. (Some of the people I know have got super brains. They remember most of the lines of Forrest Gump and that he ran for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. These people remember what number stands for which version, but I never can remember such stuff. )

At that point search in Partnersource stops working, I can't find my links soon enough and it always takes more time than I think it should take me. Even if it takes me one minute I feel bad that it took me double the time it should have taken. It is always a "Lose Lose" situation.

To make life easy for me and others out there - here's the Great Plains Version Number Vs the Service Pack Version. I've also put in the links which should come in handy if you want the version info of a product.

Dynamics GP 2010

No Service Pack: 11.0.1247 Service Pack 1 : 11.00.1524 Service Pack 2/R2 : 11.00.1752

GP Version 10

No Service Pack: 10.00.0774 Service Pack 1 : 10.00.0903 Service Pack 2 : 10.00.1061

Service pack 3: 10.00.1193

Service Pack 4: 10.00.1424

Service Pack 5: 10.00.1579

Version List of Individual Products

Download Link : Service Pack, Hotfix, and Compliance Update Patch Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

GP Version 9

No Service Pack: 9.00.0114 Service Pack 1 (919732): 9.00.0259 Service Pack 2 (923671): 9.00.0281 Service Pack 3 (937795): 9.00.0310

Service Pack 4 : 9.00.0352

Version List of Individual Products

Download Link : Service Pack, Hotfix, and Compliance Update Patch Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0

GP Version 8 No Service Pack : 8.00g7 Service Pack 1a : 8.00g19 Service Pack 2 : 8.00g34 Service Pack 3 : 8.00g44 Service Pack 4 : 8.00g63 Service Pack 4a : 8.00g64 Service Pack 5 : 8.00g73 Version List of Individual Products

Download Link : Service Packs for Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains 8.0

GP Version 7.5 No Service Pack : 7.50g3 Service Pack 1 : 7.50g10 Service Pack 2 : 7.50g16 Service Pack 3 : 7.50g26 Service Pack 4 : 7.50g30 Service Pack 5 : 7.50g43 Service Pack 6 : 7.50g53 Service Pack 7 : 7.50g66 The links are broken, you'll have to dig up your own install files. Mail me if you dont have one.

GP Version 7.0

SP 1 : 7.00g5 SP 2 : 7.00g12

For finding SQL Server Service Pack version here's a nice resource -


Integration Manager Downloads - IM SP2 - 10.00.1072 IM SP1 - 10.00.0932 IM RTM - 10.00.0836 Integration Manager 10 SP1 Integration Manager 10 SP2 FRx 6.7 Service Pack Downloads

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dynamics GP on Mobile

Eric Wauters, a prominent NAV blogger, writes a great post about an ISV (GoIntegration) providing mobile solutions for Dynamics NAV. I checked their website and found they have a Great Plains version as well.

HandApps Mobile Sales GPE (Great Plains Edition)

Previously I've seen customers set up a VPN and remote in to a server, to enter their transactions from a remote location. This makes sense when you are using GP remotely from say a conference or summit. The mobile app would fit in ideally for Sales rep who are mostly on move and need to carry out certain specific actions when they are on the field.

Eric, saw a demo of the product and says - he thought it was pretty user friendly -

First impression was that it was very user-friendly. Fact that PocketPC machines doesn't have much place on the screen was solved by sort of tooltips: touching the screen on certain fields shows more info about that field.


Last nice feature he showed was printing the receipt from the device.

Viewing customer, product information and adding orders while on the move, can definitely fit in well for certain businesses.

I like to be aware of alternatives before I recommend a product to somebody, so I researched for other mobile GP products and found this one -


A sales force automation Pocket PC application that interfaces with Navision and Great Plains. It allows your sales force to wirelessly send orders, share route information, check stock, etc….

EZ Route seems to be more focused, with lesser features, but I have no personal experience, so I can't comment. If anybody reading, has used Mobile apps for Great Pains - drop in a line or a comment.

Till then, I think the Citrix installations will rule the day.