Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dynamics GP Full Download Links

Every once in a while I still stumble (waste a few minutes) trying to find the GP Download Links. So summarizing them here in case any of you need it as well.

GP 2010 Release Download

GP 10  Release Download (Most Recent is Feature Pack 1 with SP 4)

GP 9 Release Download and then Download the Service Packs from here

GP 8 Release Download and then Download the Service Packs from here

The list of all GP Service Packs Versions can be found here

Automatic User Access for new AA Codes

If you are using Analytical Accounting, you probably know about this pain point – You have to go to “Setup > Company >Analytical Accounting >
User Access”
and assign security to new codes before they can be used. Most people have customizations setup by their partners to resolve this.

In GP 2010 - Security access to use a transaction dimension code is granted automatically to the user who created the code during transaction entry. So that’s a great step in the right direction.

CVA Kumar has a couple of posts which should server as good reference – He has a SQL Script to provide access to Transaction Dimension Codes to Users and a Macro to provide access to Transaction Dimension Codes to Users

Friday, June 11, 2010

ExpressLink versus DirectLink for Microsoft Forecaster

Christina Phillips at Dynamics GP Land had a great post up showing the architecture and relationships between Forecaster, Dynamics GP and FRx.

This is something I have seen a lot of people get confused about as well.

DirectLink is used in FRx to pull data from Forecaster and GL.

  • You need this if you are doing your reporting in FRx Reporter and need Budget in your reports.
  • Directlink has to be configured and installed on each workstation.

Go to Microsoft Forecaster >> Tools >> Options >> System Settings

Enable the option – “Use this database with Directlink”

Run the DirectLink installation scripts against the Forecaster database

See KB Article 938573 with detailed steps "How to install Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 DirectLink and how to configure DirectLink for Microsoft FRx

Once done you should see the options highlighted below to get data from Forecaster into FRx  



ExpressLink is used in Forecaster to bring data from GL.

  • This is used to bring in the Chart of Accounts and account balances from GL.
  • ExpressLink is installed when you setup Forecaster. (Tools>>Import>>ExpressLink)
  • ExpressLink requires that Microsoft FRx 6.7 Service Pack 9 or later be installed

See this KB Article for details - “How to Use ExpressLink”


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Dynamics GP Blog

One of the smartest people I know – Belinda, has just started her Dynamics GP Blog. Aptly titled the GP CSI ! Check out her first post - “Where does your Cash go”

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Management Reporter and Forecaster - Update

Just up on the MSDN - Dynamics Corporate Performance Management blog – information about Management Reporter Roadmap -

Microsoft Forecaster Integration

Instead of releasing a separate integration for Microsoft Forecaster, we are going to deliver a tool that pushes Microsoft Forecaster data back into the general ledger. Once data is in the general ledger, Management Reporter can pull this data to create budget to actual reports.

Along with these enhancements, bug fixes will also be included in Feature Pack 1.

More FAQs about MR and Forecaster covered earlier here.