Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics GP team Listens

I’d love to sing praises of Microsoft here, but I’d recommend you check out the post here - Partners - We heard you. This was the single biggest complaint in the GP 2013 pricing. Great for Microsoft. My thought was that most people would probably just move to SmartConnect.

However, now people will have the ability to choose the tool based on their needs.

John Lowther–new Dynamics GP MVP

Congratulations to John Lowther on becoming the latest Dynamics GP MVP!

John has been very active in the community over the last few years – and a great help pushing the limits when it comes to Dynamics GP -

Microsoft Dynamics GP DBA (Blog)
Accidental Administrator (Blog)
GPUG Member Tidbits (Blog)
Microsoft Dynamics GP "Ask The Community Website" (Post)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good News on GP Limited / Light User

Pam at Inside GP writes about the Top Tip: Limited User Rule Change and Business Portal Clarification

The fantastic news is that in GP 2013 -Excel Reports and SRS Reports will no longer need a Limited User.   The only time you need a Limited User is if you are logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

That will make life a little easier when explaining Microsoft licenses to customers! This was always one of the sore points!