Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Decisions Dynamics GP Conference Fall 2010 Sessions

I just glanced through the GP Sessions at Decisions 2010, and its an outstanding list. Check out the sessions below, and bookmark Nov 2 on your calendar.

Excel as a GP ToolBelinda Allen

Everyone loves Excel and uses it for everything from application development to shopping lists! Belinda Allen, a 19+ year veteran with GP Products, from Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc. in New York City wants to show you how to make Excel one of the most important tools in your financial toolbox. Belinda is a believer in analytics and frequently quotes business guru Tom Peters, “You cannot improve what you do not measure.” Learn how Belinda uses Excel as a tool to extract relevant GP data; and see how she turns the data into useful information that is not only easy to read but quickly readable.

This session uses Excel more extensively than filling in cells and summing rows and columns. It’s what Belinda calls “Minor League Programming.” She’ll talk about topics that include Microsoft Query, Analysis Cubes and tables. Even if these topics scare you, watch this session and see the results. No doubt you’ll become convinced that Excel is your tool of choice!
Do not let the recipients of your reports look at them and quote Winston Churchill… “This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.” If nobody reads your reports or benefits from them, why are you doing them?

Become a Microsoft Dynamics GP Power User,  Volume 1Leslie Vail

Move toward becoming a Power User in this session!

So much functionality goes unused and is often left behind because we either were never trained on it or it was introduced after the software was installed. Come to this session to learn about these ‘hidden’ features. There are five items in General Ledger alone that can streamline operations and reduce errors.

Learn also about ‘tweaks’ that are available from Microsoft and others that can solve gnawing problems and further reduce errors. Many of these tools are FREE, and are rarely publicized.

After this session you will be armed with so much information you can surely hold the title of Power User!

Bear Shaving : Things you should stop doing in Dynamics GPMark Polino

Are you using Dynamics GP to truly solve your business problems or are you just shaving the bear? Shaving the bear is addressing symptoms instead of root causes. It comes from a Japanese commercial where a little girl shaves the bears to help them adapt to global warming. Obviously, bear fur is not the real problem.

In this session we will look at common ways in which Dynamics GP users tackle the symptoms of business and process problems instead of addressing the root cause.

Extending your GP Distribution Solution with the field Service SeriesMichael Johnson

The Dynamics GP Field Service Series is often a great compliment to Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution Series implementations. Learn how to:

• Process different types of RMAs including credits, replacements, and cross ships
• Handle returned items to be scrapped, returned to stock, or repaired
• Leverage recurring billing contracts for service agreements or leases
• Manage Service Calls to improve customer satisfaction & operational efficiency

Presenters will guide you through real-world scenarios in a highly informative session on the Field Service Series suite of Dynamics GP modules.

Tailoring Microsoft Dynamics GP : Using the Dynamics GP Developer Toolkit to Add Value to your BusinessSteve Endow

Is Microsoft Dynamics GP tailored to fit your business perfectly?

Is your accounting staff rekeying data, repeatedly filling out tedious data entry windows, having to use multiple reports to analyze data, or in need of information that could save them time?

In this session, Steve Endow will provide examples of how he has used the Dynamics GP Developer’s Toolkit to help his clients increase efficiency, lower costs, and produce a competitive advantage.

Several real world solutions will be presented that demonstrate how Modifier, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Studio Tools, and eConnect have been used to help businesses utilize Dynamics GP more efficiently, effectively, and powerfully.

This session is intended for business executives, managers, and GP users, and is not a technical presentation.

Top 10 SmartLists for Month and Year EndAmber Bell

Join us to look at the top 10 SmartLists to help with your month and year end processing. Our SmartList list includes:

  • Creating Top 10 Lists in GP;
  • 1099 Vendors Missing Tax Info (with YTD totals);
  • Transactions Affecting Control Accounts that Originated in the Subledgers;
  • Outstanding Checks List with Check Number;
  • PO Items Received Not Invoiced
  • ...and many more!

Not only will we look at each SmartList in detail, but attendees will learn how to user Reminders to monitor for these items.

Become a Microsoft Dynamics GP Expert Problem SolverJivtesh Singh

Have you ever had a simple question regarding Dynamics GP that you didn't want to bother your partner about?
Learn how you can resolve any Dynamics GP problem within minutes using excellent resources available from Microsoft and GP Experts.

In this session we will cover :

  • Dynamics GP Websites;
  • GP blogs from Microsoft MVPs and how to search them to find the information you are looking for;
  • Knowledge Base tips and tricks;
  • Dynamics GP Books;
  • Dynamics GP Community Forums;
  • Which resource to use when

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Security Task/Role associated with a Dynamics GP Window

One of the most common GP queries is “How to give access to a GP Window” ? David Musgrave from Microsoft has covered this in detail in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Application Level Security Series -

I have used both the options a few times, and love them. However, sometimes when you are on the phone guiding somebody who does not have Support Debugging Tool or experience with SQL, this get tough.

So with some excellent coding from Rubal – GPWindow.com now has a Security Task/Role lookup page – You can search for Roles or Tasks for a GP Window or Report. This page -

Search for “Sales Transaction Entry”, shows you the Roles and Tasks that contain this Window.

TIP - Try typing in the full window name for better performance. Single words will mean slower results.




Search for “Transaction Upload” and it lets you know that no Inbuilt security Role has this Window. It points you to this article- Setting up a Security Task/Role for a GP Window or Report




Note -

  1. This page only shows data from the inbuilt roles and tasks. If you have custom tasks, I would recommend following instructions from David’s article.
  2. Try and type in the full Window name for better results.

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