Monday, August 30, 2010

Management Reporter – Troubleshooting and Errors

Management Reporter Troubleshooting

  1. Check out the Event Viewer (Application), and review the Management Reporter Events. This is pretty important, as Doug mentioned here
  2. Search in the forums from GPWindow, and from the Management Reporter Forum here (this is not yet indexed by GPWindow) http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/managementreporterBeta/
  3. Refresh the cached Financial Data - On the Tools menu, click Refresh Cached Financial Data.
  4. Confirm whether or not the Application Service is running correctly is to type in the following in IE:
  5. Stop and Start the Management Reporter application pool (From IIS). Check the Event Viewer for errors.
  6. Stop and Start the Management Reporter Process Service. Check the Event Viewer for errors. This is found under Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services | Management Reporter Process Service.
  7. Restart the Web Service in IIS

#6 Restarting the Process Service



If you get the following error when you launch Management Reporter -"Connection attempt failed.  User does not have appropriate permissions to connect to the server." -

You need to add their users - Add user- enter domain\username.  They can only launch if they are login to windows using their own domain account.

Check out this post from Cecile for details.



If you get the “Unable to connect to the specified server. Verify that the Management Reporter application service has been installed on the server and that the specified address is correcterror -

There is a great checklist by Ryan from Microsoft here.

1. Management Reporter will only function while connected to the domain it was installed on. Even if all MR server components are on one machine, that machine still needs to be connected to the domain you were on when you installed MR.

2. Confirm the Application Service application pool is running. This is found in Internet Information Services Manager and is the Management Reporter app pool.

3. Confirm the Management Reporter Process Service is running. This is found under Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services | Management Reporter Process Service.

4. Confirm the Identity of the Application Service app pool has GeneralUser and public SQL roles to the Management Reporter SQL database.

5. Confirm the user running the Management Reporter Process Service has GeneralUser and public SQL roles to the Management Reporter SQL database.

6. Confirm the IIS machine has the port used in the MR installation set up as an exclusion on any Firewalls (Windows Firewall included).

7. Another way to test to confirm whether or not the Application Service is running correctly is to type in the following in IE:


This should return a page with code samples. If you get an HTTP error then ASP.NET 2.0 may not be enabled or the Application Service may not be running.

8. Check the Event Viewer for more information

9. Stop and Start the Management Reporter application pool. Check the Event Viewer for errors.

10. Stop and Start the Management Reporter Process Service. Check the Event Viewer for errors.

11. Windows Server 2003 – Web Service Extensions in IIS, Active Server Pages can’t be set to Prohibited.



Reports being stuck in Queue

Check out the Event Viewer (Application), and review the Management Reporter Events.  The error details will guide you to fixing the problem


Data not shown in reports

This could be due to a number of reasons. One crazy reason we found (again via the Event Viewer), was that no functional currency was set in GP.


Solution:  Set functional currency in Multicurrency Setup window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Financial >> Multicurrency)

FRx : Error 3617

Having used Management Reporter for a few days, I think FRx is here for few more years till MR catches on and builds on its extensive list of features.

So here’s an FRx error I received today -

"Error 3617 The changes you requested to the table were not successful because they would create duplicate values in the index, primary key, or relationship. Change the data in the field or fields that contain duplicate data, remove the index, or redefine the index to permit duplicate entries and try again." 

There was a related support article by Microsoft - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/964452

The article suggested - “Microsoft FRx Support will be able to assist in identifying what table contains the duplicate values that are causing the error but the GL vendor's support will need to be involved to resolve any database issues.”

Before I moved to that, I thought of researching a bit about the FRx install. The Service Packs seemed to be in place, but it turned out the FRx AA Add-In was not installed. That’s a separate install when you use AA with FRx. I have seen a lot of people miss it especially when setting up new FRx installs, so I thought I’d put it here.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

GP Support Tip : Sending a GP Window Path in an Email ?

If you are helping somebody out with GP, sending them instructions – you often need to put in the Window Navigation Paths.

“Open up the Safe Pay Transaction Upload Window from Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Routines >> Financial >> Safe Pay >> Transactions Upload”

If you have GP and the Window Open, this is easy – just click on the Help Button, and it would show you the path of the Window. You can copy it and paste it in the instructions you are writing.

However, in case you don’t have GP open, you can copy the path from the Where’s that GP Window Page. Pretty convenient, isn’t it ? 


AA Duplicate Error and a ‘House Moment’ ?

A few weeks back we got the error below when adding a dimension in Analytical Accounting.  The user was trying to add the dimension “Customer” in their test environment.

Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘dbo.AAG00600’ with unique index ‘AK2AAG00600’


We tried the steps in the KB Article 897280 and a related helpful article from Daoud, but they didn’t really help. We couldn’t add the “Customer” dimension.

However, when we added “Cust” it worked! We took a screenshot, and since everything else was working smoothly, thought about researching about it later .


I sent the screenshot to Rubal, and she had her “house moment”, and immediately showed me the values in the Table AAG00600. She said it seems like whenever we add a dimension called “Employee” or “Customer” is causes a conflict with the keys in the AAG00600 aaTreeMstr table.

We verified this with the other values in the aaTreeMstr table.


So these 6 dimension Names are not allowed. Try it out in your new GP install- if you try and add the dimension “Employee”, it will give you that error. I have tested this in a GP 10 and a GP 2010 install, let me know if you get this error as well.



Related errors and resolution -

Error message when you try to post Analytical Accounting transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP: "Cannot insert duplicate key in object"

Article ID : 897280



GP 9 Vs GP 10 Vs GP 2010 – Upgrade Value Guide

Up on Partnersource is the comparison guide comparing in summary the new features highlighted in each version of GP from V 9.0 onwards.

Check it out here - https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/marketing/campaigns/existingcustomer/msdygp_compareguide.htm?p=5

The document details out the bullet points, module by module and is a great help when you need to point out to somebody what they will gain from an upgrade.


For lots of great posts about GP 2010 new features - http://www.jivtesh.com/2010/04/gp-2010-new-features-system.html,

and here http://www.gpwindow.com/GP_VERSIONS/GP_2010/

You can find posts about GP 10 here - http://www.gpwindow.com/GP_VERSIONS/GP_10/

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GP SQL Scripts, Modifier with VBA, and GP Learning Resources

Mariano Gomez has just updated his excellent GP blog, and setup three excellent pages -

GP SQL Scripts Page – Mariano has listed his excellent SQL Scripts.  Most of Mariano’s scripts are also highly rated in the SQL Scripts section of GPWindow.

Modifier with VBA Page – Lots of VBA and other code samples.

GP Learning Resources  - This page has tutorials and links to links to Mariano’s presentations at Convergence and other Conferences.



Check out the new pages, Mariano is an expert GP consultant and almost everything he puts on his blog is stuff that would be useful to most people implementing GP.

As a side note earlier today I was searching for Management Reporter on GPWindow, and the new auto-complete, which is calculated dynamically on basis of the most used keywords in the GP Blogs and forums showed me “Mariano” in the list! I guess it just goes on to show how much work Mariano has done in the GP Community.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

GPWindow Now Searches Dynamics GP Communities and Forums (Alpha Version)

Most people know and refer to the blog posts by GP Experts which are searchable and categorized at GPWindow. However, there is incredible amount of data buried and available via the GP Community Forums and Newsgroups.

The red hot Dynamics GP Community forum already has over 2,452 topics and multiple replies to most topics. The GP Public Newsgroups are being phased out, but they have a gold mine of over 90,000 posts.

In an effort to make that information more readily available, GPWindow now has GP Forums and Groups search

Go on, give it a shot - www.GPWindow.com 





Notes -

  1. This is an alpha version. Although most posts in GP Community are indexed, only a portion of the GP Public newsgroups are currently indexed.
  2. Try the search – having one place where you can search the awesome GP Blogs, and tens of thousands of forum posts, might save you some time. If you have any feedback, feel free to email me at jivtesh AT gmail DOT com or add your comment!

Dynamics GP Experts

GPWindow aggregates the Dynamics GP Posts from a select list of Dynamics GP experts. Most of  the people below have contributed immensely to the Dynamics GP Community, sharing their knowledge and expertise tirelessly and selflessly with everybody. Its ultimately the people in the community that make a product go further, and looking at the activity in the community – it is all very heartening !

That may sound a little melodramatic, so let me give you some numbers.

1. GP Articles – Over 6400 GP Related Articles

There are over 6400 high quality GP articles by the people below indexed at GPWindow.

It takes one Mark Polino to galvanize a community, Mark alone has pioneered the GP Blogging community for years, encouraging and prodding people to come and contribute to the community. GPWindow’s recommendation engine works on basis of how often a product is recommended by experts, and the reason you see the best posts in the first page of every category is because Mark has recommended them.

The advent of a David Musgrave got us the responsive Microsoft face into the community, and  excellent insight into the cool things like Support Debugging tool, which have revolutionized GP tech support. David’s blog and articles have taken GP presence on the web to the next level.

Mark Polino's : Over 2100 resources
David Musgrave and the MS GP Dev Support Team : Over 500 resources
Mariano Gomez : Over 400 resources
Mohammad Daoud : Over 300 resources
Vaidy Mohan : Over 200 resources
Frank Hamelly : Over 200 resources
Christina Phillips, Steve Endow & Lorren Zemke : Over 100 resources
Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Official Blog : Over 100 resources
Steve Gray : Over 100 resources
Victoria Yudin : Over 100 resources listed
Janakiram M.P. : Over 100 resources
Sivakumar Venkataraman : Over 65 resources
Duke Del Prado : Over 64 resources
Waqas Butt's : 55 resources listed.
David Patrick : 51 resources listed.
Jan Harrigan : 51 resources listed.
Michael Johnson : 51 resources listed.
Ron Wilson : 51 resources listed.
Leslie Vail : 48 resources listed.
Belinda Allen : 46 resources listed.
Ian Stewart : 43 resources listed.
Andy Nifong : 43 resources listed.
Doug Pitcher, Steve Chapman and others :  40+ resources listed.
Dwight Specht : 36 resources listed.
Sandip Jadhav : 28 resources listed.

2. GP Community Help – Thousands of Posts !

In addition to writing articles, the GP experts take helping people seriously. Take a look at the individual posts of the people below  -

Mariano Gomez, one of the smartest people in the GP world, has helped people over 3640 times, and that's in just one group. Mariano contributes in all GP communities and maintains his high quality blog where he gives out free tutorials. Ditto for Victoria Yudin, whose name you would have seen if you ever used Google to search for a GP Problem.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Public Discussion group
Mariano Gomez - 3640+ posts
Victoria Yudin - 3568+ posts
Charles Allen
Frank Hamelly 1708
Patrick 1377
David Musgrave 1377
Leslie Vail 1098
Mark Polino 509
Mohammad R. Daoud 535
Janakiram M.P. 633
Richard L. Whaley 2919

Microsoft Dynamics GP Community Forum

Ian Stewart 1,072
Mariano Gomez - 565
Victoria Yudin - 317
Frank Hamelly 547
David Musgrave  221
Leslie Vail 479
Mark Polino  67
Mohammad R. Daoud 10
Janakiram M.P.  72
Richard L. Whaley 666

Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer Public Discussion

David Musgrave 656
Mariano Gomez - 384
Patrick 234
Mohammad R. Daoud 93
Vaidy 60

Notes -

  • Its difficult to detail out all the good work carried out by these experts in the community, so I encourage you to go read their bio’s on their blog.
  • There are other Dynamics Community Forums like Dynamics GP Google Group, Great Plains Tek Tips Forum and the Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Forum – You’ll see great work by the GP Community at all these groups. I have just given a sample of the great work in the community above


MVP Blogs

See the complete list here - Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPS

Mark Polino at DynamicAccounting.net (http://msdynamicsgp.blogspot.com/)

Victoria Yudin at Victoria Yudin (http://victoriayudin.com/)

Leslie Vail at Dynamics Confessor Blogspot (http://dynamicsconfessions.blogspot.com/)

Frank Hamelly at GP2theMax (http://www.gp2themax.blogspot.com/)

Mariano Gomez at The Dynamics GP Blogster (http://dynamicsgpblogster.blogspot.com/)

Mohammad R Daoud at Mohammad Daoud (http://mohdaoud.blogspot.com/)

Ian Stewart at DynamicsGP.ie (http://dynamicsgp.wordpress.com/)

Charles Allen via newgroups

Microsoft Blogs

David Musgrave, Patrick Roth and team at Developing for Dynamics GP Blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/DevelopingForDynamicsGP/)

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Official Blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/gp/)

US Dynamics GP Field Team Blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/DynamicsGP/)

Microsoft Dynamics GP UK Blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/ukgp/)

Blogs of Other Dynamics GP Experts

Janakiram M.P. at DynamicsBlogger (http://janakirammp.blogspot.com/)

David Patrick at Great Plains Guy (http://greatplainsguy.blogspot.com/)

Belinda Allen at Belinda, the GP CSI (http://belindaallen.blogspot.com/)

Duke Del Prado at Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog (http://ddelprado.blogspot.com/)

Steve Gray at VSToolsForum.com (http://vstoolsforum.com/)

Dwight Specht at The Death of Reason (http://thedeathofreason.wordpress.com/)

Christina Phillips, Steve Endow & Lorren Zemke at Dynamics GP Land (http://dynamicsgpland.blogspot.com/)

Vaidy Mohan at Dynamics GP - Learn & Discuss (http://www.vaidy-dyngp.com/)

Sivakumar Venkataraman at Interesting Findings & Knowledge Sharing (http://msdynamics.cvakumar.com/)

Feradh Zain at Dynamics GP Middle East (http://dynamicsgpme.blogspot.com/)

Michael Johnson at MBS Guru (http://mbsguru.blogspot.com/)

Gloria Braunschweig at ComputerationDynamics (http://computerationdynamics.blogspot.com/)

Constance Gilleland at Q Factor's Blog (http://qfactorconsulting.wordpress.com/)

Matt Landis at Dynamics Small Business (http://dynamicssmallbusiness.blogspot.com/)

Waqas Butt at Waqas Butt's Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog (http://waqasb.blogspot.com/)

Ron Wilson at Real Life Dynamics User Blog (http://rldu.wordpress.com/)

Sandip Jadhav at Dynamics GP - Knowledge Share (http://sandipdjadhav.blogspot.com/)

Andy Nifong at Andy Nifong (http://andynifong.com/)

Devon Southall at Dynamics GP Builders & Reporting (http://gpbuilders.wordpress.com/)

Rose Business Solutions Blog (http://www.rosebizinc.com/gpblog/)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dynamics GP Customizations (Best Practices, Extender, Macros, Modifier)

Dynamics GP has a trunk full of features, but there will be cases when you need to customize GP for certain specific business requirements or to optimize certain processes. This post covers some great references in the Dynamics GP community related to customizations in Dynamics GP. It covers topics like – when you should customize GP and when you should avoid customizing GP. It also includes some must read best practices when you do have customizations and various options like – Extender, Macros, Modifier.

Related categories on GPWindow are INTEGRATIONS which covers eConnect, Integration Manager, Table Import and Webservices and DEVELOPMENT which includes – Dexterity, Developer Toolkit, GP SDK, Tables Information, Testing, VBA and VS Tools for GP.

Getting Started with GP Customizations?

If you are getting started with customizations check out this post by Michael D. Johnson II for Good Reasons to Customize GP. In this post Michael explains how customizations help – by giving people time to work on more value added activities, saving money and eliminating redundancy.

On the flip side you will find MVP Mariano Gomez’s article -  Customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP? 5 Excuses You Will Want to Bury Once and For All! - in which he discusses customizations implemented for all the wrong reasons and makes suggestions on how to handle them. You can read David Musgrave’s thoughts about this here.

There is another wonderful post - Customizations that you do not need to do by Patrick Roth where he discusses 3 scenario’s in which you can avoid customizations - “Scenario 1: I need to be able to change the menu item names in Dynamics, Scenario 2: I need to change the Internet Information categories in the Internet Information window from what Dynamics GP uses, Scenario 3: I need to change the User Defined 1 prompt in the Customer Address Maintenance window to a specific value”. Patrick gives simple solutions.

Automating Distribution

There is a separate sub-section for Automating Distribution, for a reason. If you use customizations – you should review these articles to save you a lot of headaches. David Musgrave has written two very detailed articles -  Automating Distribution of Customizations Part 1 and Automating Distribution of Customizations Part 2. David discusses various configurations for Customizations – Everything Local, Everything shared, Dictionaries Shared, Custom Dictionary Shared and finally the best option- Everything local with automatic updates and explains it in detail. 

See the related funny posts here - The term "Musgravion" and Wikipedia and The famous David Musgrave.


In the Extender sub section, you will see posts related to creating Extender windows, modifying GP windows using extender with some examples and Reporting with Extender data. You can see some resourceful posts on Reporting on Extender data in GP, Adding Extender Data to SmartLists by Victoria Yudin, Transferring Extender customizations from one company database to another by Mariano Gomez. Mark has nice tip about Extender -  Weekly Dynamic: Deleting Extender Window Deletes Data as Well.

There’s this one great post for Adding Extender Windows to GL Transaction Entry Lines by David Musgrave where he talks in detail about an Extender window to capture additional information for distribution lines on the General Ledger Journal Entry window and the related - VBA - Displaying Extender Data for GL Transaction Lines on the GL Inquiry window. There are some troubleshooting help articles by Vaidy - Why Extender Information does not get transferred? and Creating Detail Window in Extender - Error & Resolution, and David - Removing Extender Data when deleting Transactions or Lines

You also might want to check out David’s posts about the new features that came in Extender with GP 10 SP 4 - Extender is coming, what now for the other customization tools.  See about 67 more articles related to Extender here  - Extender (67 Sub-Items)


In the Macros sub section, you will see posts to create macros to do various tasks in GP, scheduling macros to complete tasks in GP and some advance macro tips by MVP's. To get started with Macros, you can see this great post by Amy Walsh on using Macros in Dynamics GP.  There is a useful post by Mark Dynamics GP Macro Commands – where Mark has posted a useful command reference document by Kevin Gross. Mark also has a useful post about scheduling Macros - Weekly Review: Schedule Your Macros and one on tips for Macros Weekly Review: Advanced Macro Tips.

You can see a post - Macro to provide access to Transaction Dimension Codes to Users by Sivakumar Venkataraman(often required), some macro examples like Running a macro to automatically close GP and How to use Word Mail Merge and Macros to Import Data(My personal favorite) by David Musgrave. See other Macros related articles  here - Macros (16 Sub-Items)


In the Modifier sub section, you will find posts related to expanding GP windows functionalities by using Modifier. Mariano Gomez (MVP) delivers a 3-day Online Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications workshop that will more than get you started with Modifier. Mariano also has the must read- Best practices for labeling customized windows with Modifier and VBA in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

You can see several example posts like Hybrid - Dynamically Populating a Modifier Added List Example, Expanding the GL Transaction Entry Scrolling Window, Reading and Writing Data with ADO Example, Extending the length of a Field Example, Adding a field to a scrolling window using ADO Example and more by David Musgrave.

There are useful articles here like - Creating Drop Down Lists using Modifier with VBA and Quick Lookups with Modifier & VBA by Michael D. Johnson II.

See the modifier articles linked here - Modifier (15 Sub-Items)

See all Microsoft Dynamics GP Customizations related articles here - CUSTOMIZATIONS (128 Sub-Items)

------ Via http://www.gpwindow.com/CUSTOMIZATIONS_/

Are there any articles related to the topics above that I missed ? If yes, add your comments.

GP 10 SP 5 is out (with lots of AA Fixes)

GP 10 SP5 is out – See the post by David Musgrave for download links, which has some important notes as well -

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 5

Worth pointing out specifically - “Once service pack 5 is installed, there is NO update path to GP 2010 until the release of service pack 1 for GP 2010.”

I have been awaiting this service pack for 20 odd Analytical Accounting Fixes. Somehow I had run into most of them in the last few months – they all had fairly easy workarounds, but were irritating. I was going to report one of them to Microsoft in a few hours today, till I saw the description in the Fix List.

See the complete Fix List for GP 10 SP 5 in the Service Pack 5 install guide  (10.0SP5_install_guide_enus.pdf) – Page 16 onwards.

Service Pack, Hotfix, and Compliance Update Patch Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 (PartnerSource)

Service Pack, Hotfix, and Compliance Update Patch Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 (CustomerSource)

Below are some of the important AA Fixes (See complete list in the document above)-

Fix You encounter a primary key error if you have installed Analytical Accounting in your system and you attempt to post a
Purchase Order Processing shipping documents batch created in another system in which Analytical Accounting is not
installed, and if zero aaSubLedgerHdrID records exists in the AA subledger table.
Fix The data received from the distribution query is not sorted correctly.
Fix Distributions are not updated in the AAG10001 table for a multicurrency transaction if you back out a journal entry and
change the transaction date.
Fix If you back out a journal entry in the Transaction Entry window, the SEQNUMBR created for the distribution in the AAG30001
table is different from the SEQNUMBR created for the distribution in the GL20000 table. (This was the issue I was going to report today!)
Fix If you have a Sales Order Processing batch with documents having document numbers that are not in sequence and you
post the batch in summary, the distributions are not created in the AAG10001 table.
Fix Running the Transfer Transaction Data to History utility for a historical year which is not the recent closed year updates
incorrect value in the HSTYEAR field of the GL 30000 table.
Fix Analytical Accounting information is missing from the AAG2000x tables for Purchase Order Processing transactions.
Fix Duplicate distributions are created in the AAG30001 table for an invoice created in the Purchase Order Processing module if
you have deleted and inserted a tax distribution for this invoice, and then you post and void this transaction.
Fix Transaction dimension codes assigned to the account class must be displayed automatically for transactions posted without
assigning a transaction dimension code.
Fix Analytical Accounting transactions are not validated when you perform a series or master posting.
Fix Duplicate distributions are created in AAG30001, AAG30002 and AAG30003 tables if you void an invoice saved in a recurring
batch that is posted previously.
Fix Balances are not carried forward for transactions posted to a closed year when you run the Transfer Transaction Data to
History utility.
Fix The balances are not brought forward for the combination of codes as entered during transaction entry.
Fix Records are incorrectly inserted in the GL20000 table if you have journal entries with the same journal entry number both in
the General Ledger history and open tables, and you run the Move Transaction Data to History utility.
Fix An SQL Server error occurs when you log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP and perform the Analytical Accounting year-end
close or if you generate reports.
Fix Incorrect Analytical Accounting assignments are displayed when you change the unit cost in the Purchasing Invoice Entry
Fix A primary key error occurs in the Analytical Adjustment Entry window when you select a journal entry posted with allocation
Fix Analytical Accounting information is not available for Bank Management transactions.
Fix Deleting line items in the Item Transaction Entry window does not remove distributions correctly from the AAG20001 table.
Fix Duplicate distributions are created in the AAG30001, AAG30002, and AAG30003 tables for Payables Management
transaction if you have deleted and inserted a tax distribution for an invoice.
Fix An error occurs when you attempt to post a Sales Order Processing batch if the batch name contains an apostrophe.
Fix An Analytical Accounting error message appears incorrectly when you attempt to post a NSF debit charge for a cash receipts
transaction, even if distribution accounts are not linked to an account class.
Fix Inactive transaction dimension codes are included when you assign codes to a budget tree.
Fix Analytical Accounting transactions are incorrectly validated in the Receivables Transaction Entry window if you select French
(Canada) as the regional option in your system settings.
Fix The originating amount is rounded off to the nearest integer if Multicurrency Management is not registered.
Fix The Analytical Accounting posting journal contains journal entries from a different batch if you post two General Ledger
batches simultaneously.
Fix The primary key error occurs when you run check links for Analytical Accounting.
Fix Clicking the Redisplay button in the Payables Transaction Entry Distribution window does not regenerate the sequence
number in Analytical Accounting.
Fix A SQL Server error occurs when you post a Sales Order Processing batch containing transactions originated in the Contract
Administration module.
Fix The Show valid code combinations in transactions and budgets option does not work for Bank Management transactions.
Fix The Analytical Accounting information is not correctly updated in the AAG10001 table for posted cash receipt transactions if
you have marked the Create a Journal Entry per Batch option in the Posting Setup window.
Fix Incorrect GLPOSTDT in the AAG40000 table for transactions posted to historical year.
Fix If you have installed the Project Accounting module on your system, Analytical Accounting information for Receivables
Management transactions posted from a batch are not updated in General Ledger.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

GP Security Does not work

Recently there was a question in the newsgroups where a user had the problem that their roles were not working correctly. Users with a particular security role could see the windows they were not supposed to see. The problem seemed complicated, but the solution was simple.

It turned out, with the help of MVP Leslie Vail, that the problem was just that the security checkbox was not checked on in the company setup window!

Mark covered this in his weekly review - “You MUST check the Security checkbox in Tools-Setup-Company-Company if you want security to be active.” http://msdynamicsgp.blogspot.com/2009/08/weekly-review-that-little-security.html

Where’s that GP Window International Version (Australia, New Zealand, UK)

GP users in Australia, New Zealand and UK can now use the Where’s that GP Window Page to search for Navigation paths specific to their installs.



Last week I had written how -  David Musgrave in his first few minutes after reviewing the Where’s that GPWindow page immediately gave me 3 windows that were missing. I thought they would have been hard to find (there are over 4,527 Navigation paths included in this page, after all!). I challenged a few people to find missing window paths, but nobody found anything else. The paths David had found were -

“Debtor Maintenance and Creditor Maintenance and Chequebook Maintenance”

David helped out in doing the conversion for Aus/UK/NZ, and my friend Chetna reviewed to make sure everything was in place by comparing with a UK Install.

References -

  1. Where’s that GP Window Page Introduction
  2. Update about the Page 
  3. Posts by David, Mark and Vaidy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dynamics GP, FRx, Management Reporter and other Downloads

A few years back finding the link to a GP download used to be a little more complicated, than it is now. Now thanks to excellent lists maintained by various GP experts this is much easier.

Dynamics GP Release Downloads and GP Service Pack Downloads

My favorite link, is the page David Musgrave has been maintaining for Dynamics GP  9, GP 10, GP 2010 product downloads, service packs and System Requirements.  Scroll down to the appropriate section.

veeyeskay explains the importance of keeping clients on the latest version, and the download links for GP Service Packs (GP 8 onwards) in his post Important Links for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Mark Polino maintains an Office Live document which has a lot of very useful download links to all GP related software, GP Table Reference, links to his presentations and other reference items. Victoria Yudin maintains an excellent page with GP, FRx and SQL Resources, and other links here.

The downloads section in Partnersource is ofcourse the first place for all Product Releases and Service Pack Downloads.

FRx Downloads

In the FRx Downloads sub section, there is an excellent page by Vitoria Yudin - FRx Service Packs - with all the download information for FRx Service Packs (SP 1, SP 2, SP3, SP 4 , SP 5, SP 6 , SP 7 , SP 8 , SP 9 , SP 10, SP 11) and their version information. You can find FRx full download link at FRx 6.7 Full Download Links.

Integration Manager Downloads

Service Packs and Hotfixes for Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Integration Manager 10.0 Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

Integration Manager 9.0 downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0

Management Reporter Download

You can find Management Reporter Downloads via – Dynamics GP Blog

GP Tools Download

You can find the fantastic all empowering Support Debugging tool Download via the Support Debugging Tool Portal

Snapshot Tool Download - SnapShot for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Rapid Implementation Tools Can be found here - Rapidly implementing customers on Dynamics GP 2010!

Professional Services Tools Library Download 

Automated Solutions Download (Via Mariano) here or here

Via - http://www.gpwindow.com/DOWNLOADS/

Is there a link you would like to add ? Having trouble finding a download ?  Add your comments.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dynamics GP : Reporting (FRx, Management Reporter, Business Alerts, Crystal, Report Writer, Smartlist, Builder and SSRS)

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a wide range of reporting and analysis tools. The Dynamics GP Community has covered different types of Reporting options available for Dynamics GP extensively - FRx, Management Reporter, Crystal Reports, Smartlist, Smartlist Builder and Reporting services.

Getting Started with GP Reporting ?

If you are getting started with Reporting in Dynamics GP, check out MVP Mark Polino’s excellent Powerpoint presentation on Reporting in Dynamics GP. Its a couple of years old but still very relevant. Mark covers information about finding table information, and various tools.

Another fantastic article on getting started with Dynamics GP Reporting is by MVP Mariano Gomez – “Navigating the Sea of Emerging Reporting Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP”. Mariano gives an overview of all the reporting options available in GP.

Business Alerts

In the Business Alerts sub section, you will see posts about configuring Business Alerts in GP. You can see posts about setting up Custom Business Alerts by Michael D. Johnson II. There is a nice article by Mariano on Configuring Business Alerts to report posting errors and one by Mark - “Alert! Alert! Four Ways to Use Microsoft Dynamics GP to Generate Early Warning Notices”

Crystal Reports

In the Crystal Reports sub section, you will see posts about designing, printing, deploying and running Crystal Reports. There are some great posts by Victoria Yudin here - Displaying Checkboxes in Crystal Reports, Renaming tables in Crystal Reports, How to get next Monday’s date in Crystal Reports, Dynamically change decimal places in Crystal Reports, Adding watermarks to Crystal Reports, Alternating shading for lines in Crystal Reports , Running Totals in Crystal Reports, Suppressing blank lines in Crystal Reports and more. There are also posts by Mohammad Daoud on “Run Crystal Report in Dynamics GP Using VBA”, and Print Crystal Report Directly to the printer using VBA. Check out the other posts by visiting this category on GPWindow. Reviewing the articles in this category will make you a Crystal Reports expert!


In the FRx sub section, you will see posts about installing, configuring, creating and modifying FRx reports. You can check out posts about FRx Currency Translation (Setting up and more by Jan Harrigan), FRx Report Launcher, FRx DrillDown Viewer, FRx WebPort. You can see posts about Dynamics GP Trial Balance in Excel using FRx from Victoria Yudin. Linking External Worksheets In FRx by Waqas, FRx Transaction Detail codes for Dynamics GP by Janakiram and post on FRx Future by Jan. For some people who have nightmares about FRx Installation and upgrades – there are useful posts like FRx Installation Error - Windows Updates by Vaidy and information about the latest FRx service packs and FRx versions. There are nice FRx tips by Belinda Allen like - FRx Report Book, too powerful to miss using and Email FRx Reports Easily

Under FRx Forecaster you can see some awesome posts by Christina - Forecaster.ini...or maybe outie?, Forecaster Users and Dynamics GP Users, Forecaster Input Options and FRx Forecaster Import is Easy by Steve Chapman. Although FRx Forecaster is primarily a budgeting tool, its put in under the FRx category. If you have any suggestions about where it would be more easier for people to find, let me know.


In the MANAGEMENT REPORTER sub section, you will see posts about installing, configuring and migration to Management Reporter from FRx. You can see posts about the The Future of FRx and Management Reporter by Jan Harrigan. There are posts on when NOT to Migrate to Management Reporter, and on how to Migrate to Management Reporter from FRx. If you are getting started with Management Reporter do go through the top articles in this category.

Navigation Lists

In the Navigation Lists sub section, you will see posts about the benefits of using the navigation lists in GP, which are relatively a new feature compared to the other options. You can see posts about Leveraging Navigation Lists in GP v10. 0and Exporting Navigation Lists to Excel by Mark Polino. There are posts about Navigation List builder as well.

Report Writer

In the Report Writer sub section, you will see posts about using GP's built in Reports Writer to modify GP reports as per your requirements. You can see loads of excellent posts by David Musgrave and team – Using the built-in Report Writer Functions , Using ADO with VBA with Report Writer, How to get large amounts of text to look good on a report, Accessing any SQL data from a Report Example, RW - Conditional Logos Example. There are over 70 articles here, all worth checking out. If you have a report writer problem, there is a chance David and his team have written about it.


There are some very useful posts by Frank Hamelly - Using SQL Wildcards to search & filter in SmartList, Changing the Default GoTo in a SmartList, Take the Pain out of SmartLists with the Navigation Pane. There’s also the extremely popular Smartlist: Exports slowly to Excel - Part 1 which will help you improve the performance of your Smartlist exports to excel significantly.

SmartList Builder

In this sub-section, you will see posts about Drilldown Builder, building Smartlists using SQL views and Security related to Smartlists. You can see posts like Drill Down Builder from Microsoft's official GP blog - Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP. How to use a SQL view in Smartlist Builder by Victoria and posts on Smartlist Builder Security by Mariano - Smartlist Builder Security for SQL Server Views and Vaidy - View Smartlists with SQL Tables. There are also Smartlist Builder troubleshooting articles like - SmartList Builder based on SQL View not returning data. Devon Southall has some nice articles in this section like - Summary SmartLists in Builder (Sales by Item for a date range, etc), Making a copy of a Builder SmartList, Distribution Tables – adding the GL accounts to Builder Lists. There are over 50 great articles so check this category out if you use Smartlist Builder or intend to use it.

SQL Analysis Cubes

In the SQL Analysis Cubes sub section, you will find posts about GP Analysis cubes and how to modify the existing cubes. Under this sub section you will find a video that shows you an example of how to use the Analysis Cubes with Dynamics GP by Steve Chapman. Another great post shows Receivable Aging in Analysis Cubes for Excel by David Duncan.


Under the SQL Reporting Services sub section, you will find techniques to use SQL Server Reporting Services (also called SSRS) with GP. Under this section you will find posts about Things I love about SQL Reporting Services by Christina Phillips and Using SSRS with Dynamics GP from Waqas Butt. There is also a post on the SSRS Reports Available in Dynamics GP 10.0 by Steve.

More Information

Check out over 500 articles on Dynamics GP Reporting at GPWindow organized into various categories - http://www.gpwindow.com/REPORTING/


Are there any other important articles about GP reporting that I missed ? If yes, add your comments*.

* - Only after reading all the articles above. Just Kidding :).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dynamics GP Hosting Guide

Andy at the Inside Dynamics GP Blog points us to a new Whitepaper - “Microsoft Dynamics GP Hosting Guide”, this White Paper discusses the best practices for planning, building, and deploying a hosting service for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This is an important read considering that the Subscription Licensing (SPLA) might be important, especially for new customers migrating to Dynamics GP from other Accounting Systems like Quickbooks and Sage. The document explains the key differenced between the Business Ready License(BRL) and the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). It also covers details of differences between a dedicated and shared environment for Dynamics GP -components like Business Portal, WorkFlow, Integration Manager which might not work in a shared environment. 

This new whitepaper follows the Partner Hosted Software as a Services Licensing Enhancements post by Kevin on the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog.

For more information on Software as a Service for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, visit the main content page on PartnerSource.

Check out other hosting related articles on GPWindow - http://www.gpwindow.com/GP_TECH_INFO/Hosted_SAAS/

Searching for a Dynamics GP Window – Update and a Small Challenge

A couple of updates for “Where’s that GP Window” and a challenge for you.

Updates :

1. The page now has Sorting options – By Module, Relevance and Window Name

2. You will now see a Filter if your search results contain more than one module.

Hopefully these updates will make finding a GP Window more useful.



Challenge :

David Musgrave in his first few minutes after reviewing the website immediately gave me 3 windows that were missing. I thought they would have been hard to find (there are over 4,527 Navigation paths included in this page, after all!).

Can you find any missing windows ? Add your comments or email me.

Integration Manager with GP 2010 Error

I saw this error in the GP Community Forum. After a fresh IM 2010 install, when you launch Integration Manager you might get the following error - Could not create all default application data due to the following error – Access to the path ‘C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics GP\’ is denied.




My first reaction was to check the path in  “Tools > Options”, It had the correct path – in the default case - “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\Integration Manager 11\Samples\IntegrationManagerSamples.IMD”

I thought of re-installing, but before I did that I just launched Integration Manager with “Run as Administrator” option, and that resolved the error. IM 2010 writes an XML file in the “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics GP\” folder so you need access to write to that folder.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where’s that GP Window ?

Do you find yourself or other GP Users stumbling to find a Dynamics GP window?   Its pretty natural, considering that there are over 4000 windows in Dynamics GP.

Now you have got a page that can help you find the path of a GP Window.

  1. Go to www.GPWindow.com and click on the “Where's that GP Window?” link. Or directly go to http://www.gpwindow.com/gpwindow.php
  2. Enter the search term containing a part of the window name like -  “Safe Pay” or “Dimension Code”
  3. It will show you associated Window Paths

The “Where's that GP Window?” page covers over 4037 Windows and 4522 navigation paths to them.

So next time you need help finding a GP Window – use this page and let me know if it helps.


Notes :

1. If you need this on your PC, there is a nice application by Rockton Software called Mentor. Mariano Gomez covered it on his blog last year. If your customers are willing to pay a little for something that improves their productivity, Mentor can be a big help for new users.

One of the things I found missing from Mentor is that it doesn’t cover all modules like – Analytical Accounting, Manufacturing, Audit Trails and so on. I had these modules installed, but could not see the windows when I searched for them.  However, it is still a great app for new users.

2. David Musgrave told me that the Support Debugging Tool can help you find a GP Window too - “Use the Resource Information window in Form mode, enter the display name or part of, it will find the window.  Then click the Menu Explorer lookup to find where it is on the menus.”  Is there anything that this tool can’t do ? :)

3. Thanks to Kuldeep for his sharp thinking and help in extracting the file paths and to Rubal, Tina and Chetna for their proofing.


Feedback :

I am thinking of adding sorting and advanced search to this page next. If there are any other things you’d like in the page, please let me know via comments or email (Jivtesh AT Gmail DOT com )

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dynamics GP – When you need an answer

David Musgrave has put out a great post highlighting all the Dynamics GP resources.

Personally, here is the order in which I proceed, when I need an answer -

1. Try it out in the Dynamics GP Test or Sample Company and review the Documentation

2. Knowledge Base – excellent when you have an error message

3. GP Blogs Search at GPWindow.com which aggregate thousands of articles from experts like Mark, David, Mariano and others

4. Groups Search – The public groups have a vast amount of useful data, though they are being replaced by the even better Dynamics Community Forum. I try both of them

Monday, August 2, 2010

GP 2010 – Setting up Email Options for Multiple Customers/Vendors

One of the most highlighted features of GP 2010 is the much enhanced email functionality. Its been covered at the Inside Dynamics GP Blog. 

First you need to set up e-mail options for the company

Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> E-mail Settings



From here you can setup the email options for the Sales or Purchasing series

Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Sales >> E-mail Settings



After that if you want to setup messages for email documents you can do that from Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> E-mail Message Setup

Messages can be predefined on a company-wide basis



After setting up the company email options, a two very useful Windows are -

  1. Mass Vendor E-Mail Settings window : Choose the Purchasing button in the navigation pane >> Vendors list >> select vendors >> select E-mail Settings in the Modify group 
  2. Mass Customer E-Mail Settings window : Choose the Sales button in the navigation pane >> Customers list >> select customers >> select E-mail Settings in the Modify group 

Using these windows you can assign e-mail settings to multiple customers/vendors. You can select which documents you want to send. You also can specify message IDs and the document format to use.






More GP 2010 features in the GP 2010 Category on GP Window  http://www.gpwindow.com/GP_VERSIONS/GP_2010/