Friday, November 19, 2010

Security DrillDown Page From Roles to Tasks to Operations

Rubal has just made an awesome Security drilldown page which lets you drill-down from a Security Role to show you all Tasks in the role. After that you can review all the Operations(Windows/Reports) in a Task.

Check it out at - http://www.gpwindow.com/securityreport.php 

This should be helpful when you are planning for security or making security changes.

Check out Chetna’s post about this at http://www.gpwindow.com/dynamicsgp/2010/11/19/security-drilldown-page-for-dynamics-gp-roles-tasks-and-operations/

Tasks in a Role


Operations(Windows/Reports) in a Task


Dynamics GP Product Reviews

Two more product reviews for Dynamics GP have been added at www.GPWindow.com

Check out the review of Omni Price and Nolan Advanced Bank Reconciliation

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank you for all the love!

In the last few weeks I got feedback that many people found GPWindow.com to be slow. I checked the website analytics and found that over 4000 people were hitting the website everyday. I didn’t think that was too much, but the shared hosting GPWindow was on was having trouble keeping up.

So GPWindow.com now on a faster dedicated server! Let me know if you notice an improvement in speed.

Thank you all for the great feedback and reviews. Below are some highlights and some features highlighted by other bloggers and MVPs.

GPWindow.com Directory

Your window into the Microsoft Dynamics GP community – David Musgrave, Microsoft 

GPWindow: The next best thing after the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook - Mariano Gomez, MVP

GP Window – Mark Polino, MVP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Window - Mohammad R. Daoud – CTO, MVP

http://www.gpwindow.com/ – an absolute Masterpiece! - Leslie Vail, MVP, MCT

GPWindow - A Site for Dynamics GP Resources by Jivtesh - VAIDHYANATHAN MOHAN, MCP

GPWindow.com: Wonderful Resource - JANAKIRAM M.P

GPWindow.com – Thousands of GP Tips and Tricks from All MVPs and Experts – Jivtesh

Custom GP Search

GPWindow Now Searches Dynamics GP Communities and Forums (Alpha Version) – Jivtesh

Custom Search Engine to Search All Dynamics GP Blogs – David

Search for a Dynamics GP Window Path

GPWindow Tells Us Where's GP Windows Are – Vaidy

GPWindow: Where's that GP Window? – David

GP Support Tip : Sending a GP Window Path in an Email ? – Jivtesh

Security Helper Pages

Security Task/Role associated with a Dynamics GP Window – Jivtesh

GPWindow.com Articles

Support Debugging Tool Essential Series

GP ISV Product Reviews

Dynamics GP ISV Product Reviews at GPWindow.com – Jivtesh

Dynamics GP ISV Product Reviews at GPWindow.com – Mark Polino

Dynamics GP Blog Resources Compilation

Dynamics GP Customizations Summary – David

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Greenshades Center – GP ISV #2

The second Dynamics GP ISV Review – for Greenshades Center is now up at http://www.gpwindow.com/dynamicsgp/2010/11/09/greenshades-center-dynamics-gp-product-reviews-2/

You will find the following sections about this product -

  1. Short Description
  2. How this product helps
  3. Which Requirements does this product help meet
  4. References from Newsgroups/Community 
  5. Website and Trial Version Download
  6. Installation and Configuration with Screenshots
  7. Features

If you haven’t already - read the first review here – Mekorma MICR

Mark Polino has added his comments  Dynamics GP ISV Product Reviews at GPWindow.com

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dynamics GP ISV Product Reviews at GPWindow.com

We are starting the GP ISV Product review series. With research inputs from Chetna and implementation inputs from Tina and Rubal - I think there will be content that will be of use to both GP Users and GP Consultants.

There are thousands of Dynamics GP ISVs and Add-On products, adding value to GP’s built in functionality. Product reviews will aim to highlight some of the popular GP products.

We've got over 15 products lined up, if there is a product you'd like us to review or write more about, shoot an email or add your comments.

In order to make the reviews unbiased, each review will carry references of the products from newsgroups. In response to questions in various groups, GP experts and MVPs often give their unbiased views about products. We have our list of Dynamics GP experts, most of whom have been recognized by Microsoft for their work with the community. We researched how often these products were referred to in the community by these experts – people like Mark Polino, Mariano Gomez, Victoria Yudin, Charles Allen, David Musgrave, Leslie Vail. The discussions related to this product are referenced with each review.

Read the first review here – Mekorma MICR

You will find the following sections about this product -

  1. Short Description
  2. How this product helps
  3. Which Requirements does this product help meet
  4. References from Newsgroups/Community
  5. Website and Trial Version Download
  6. Installation and Configuration with Screenshots
  7. Features

Read the complete review at http://www.dynamicsgpproducts.com/mekorma-micr-check-printing/

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Integration Manager and Analytical Accounting

If you in the trenches with Analytical Accounting and considering the use of Integration Manager, check out these two posts

Using Integration Manager with Analytical Accounting by David Musgrave

When you use Integration Manager on a system with Analytical Accounting (AA) installed, integrations often fail because Analytical Accounting will open windows which are unhandled by Integration Manager. However, there are time when you still want to use Integration Manager to import transactions where the Analytical Accounting information is left blank. This post provides three methods of how to make Integration Manager work when Analytical Accounting is installed.


Integration Manager: Integrating journal entries with Analytical Accounting Information by Mariano Gomez

If you are one of the fervourous Integration Manager fans out there and have had to work on integrating journal entries with Analytical Accounting information, you may know this is only possible with the eConnect Adapter, not the Standard Adapter.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GP Resources for “Become a Microsoft Dynamics GP Expert Problem Solver” Presentation

CustomerSource and Partnersource





Community Forums and Groups

Microsoft Dynamics GP Community Forum (Recommended)

Microsoft Dynamics GP Public Discussion (over 90,000 posts)

Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer Public Discussion

Dynamics GP Google Group

Great Plains Tek Tips Forum

Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Forum

GP Books

Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook – Details

Accolade Publications (Lots of books on various GP modules) – Details

Dynamics GP For Dummies – Details

Dynamics GP Websites





Help Finding a GP Window Path

Help Finding Security for a GP Window

ISV Search Websites

Mark Rockwell's ISV Central site has many ISV add-on products in an easy to search format.

The Microsoft Dynamics ISV Solutions page on PartnerSource is also a great reference (requires PartnerSource account)

The Microsoft Solution Finder site is a good place to start.
MSDynamicsWorld has an awesome Category based ISV search process.

Dynamics GP Videos

GP Videos Compilation http://www.gpwindow.com/GP_MEDIA/GP_VIDEOS/

Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Demos http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/gp/product/demos.mspx

Dynamics GP Webcasts http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/community/ondemand_webcasts.mspx#EWC

Project Accounting Overview Videos http://www.rosebizinc.com/gpblog/2010/04/project-accounting-overview-videos.html 

Getting started with VST: "Hello World!" - The Video by Mariano Gomez http://dynamicsgpblogster.blogspot.com/2009/07/getting-started-with-vst-hello-world_24.html

New version of Andy and Errol’s presentation of Dynamics GP at WPC 2010.

Dynamics GP Snacks

Dynamics Sherpa Videos by Mark Polino http://dynamicsherpa.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc

Dynamics GP Training


Dynamics GP Tools

The Awesome Support debugging tool

SDT Portal - http://blogs.msdn.com/developingfordynamicsgp/pages/support-debugging-tool.aspx

Automated Solutions


Professional Tools


Rapid Implementation Tools


Download Presentation