Monday, May 28, 2012

Kinect SDK 1.5 is out

Slowly and steadily – the Kinect SDK is adding awesome new features. The latest release v 1.5 has seated mode skeletal tracking, improved skeletal tracking and the Kinect Studio (for easier record/playback). This release comes at a great time, even as LeapMotion is opening up another market in gesture technology. Just like Kinect did almost two years back, Leap Motion is changing the way people think about interfaces. I think both Kinect and Leap Motion target different markets, but if Microsoft is looking at using Kinect for precision hand tracking, Leap Motion is showing the way.

While Leap Motion is a few months away, Kinect SDK is getting great developer support. Carl Franklin has developed a Gesture recording and recognition toolkit – GesturePak (compatible with Kinect SDK V 1.5) – app that records you making your gestures and an SDK for .NET 4.0 that notifies your code when the user has made those gestures. This seems very useful as well.

Read the complete release by Criag Eisler - Kinect for Windows: SDK and Runtime version 1.5 Released

Seated mode skeletal tracking
Provides the ability to track users’ upper body (10-joint) and overlook the lower body if not visible or relevant to application. In addition, enables the identification of user when sitting on a chair, couch or other inanimate object.

Improved skeletal tracking
In near range, users who are seated or standing can be tracked within 40 cm (16 inches) of sensor. Plus, the skeletal tracking engine is now faster, making better use of the CPU and scaling of computer resources. In addition, newly added joint orientation information for skeletons is ideal for avatar animation scenarios and simple pose detection.

Face tracking capabilities
Makes it possible to fit a 3D mesh to users’ faces and track their facial features and head position in real time using components from the Developer Toolkit.

Developer toolkit
Provides components, libraries, tools, samples, Kinect Studio, and other resources to make it easier to develop applications using the Kinect for Windows SDK

Kinect Studio
Simplifies the review and testing of applications, using Kinect Studio to record, playback, and debug Kinect data.

Speech recognition options
Along with English, offers French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese speech recognition along with language packs to recognize the way a language is spoken in different regions: English/Great Britain, English/Ireland, English/Australia, English/New Zealand, English/Canada, French/France, French/Canada, Italian/Italy, Japanese/Japan, Spanish/Spain and Spanish/Mexico

Download the latest version from - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindows/develop/developer-downloads.aspx

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dynamics GP Web Client at Decisions 2012

If you want to hear me excited as a kid at a carnival, do tune into the free Dynamics Conference about the Web Client on June 19th. I think Microsoft has done a fantastic job with the web client, especially in terms of technology. If you have seen a demo you know what I am talking about.
I was going to put up a summary, but Steve Endow has already done a fantastic summary of all the GP posts, go check it out at - Decisions Spring 2012 Virtual Conference: Dynamics GP Day June 19th

Register now!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Connection to the MAPI server not available in Dynamics GP

I posted about Dynamics GP and 64 bit support last year. As per the technology requirements for Dynamics GP – for the e-Email feature -

E-Mail Functionality Feature



Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2007 32-bit
Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit



Click HERE to review the SystemSetup.pdf manual for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  Refer to Chapter 16 for information regarding e-mail setup.


Extended MAPI compliant e-mail application


As you can see 32 bit Office is required. So if you are getting the "connection to the mapi server not available" error, and Outlook is working fine, you need to check your office version. If you have the 64 bit version install, you need to uninstall it, and re-install 32 bit Office. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

GP 2013 System Requirements

The Dynamics GP 2013 are now out on Partnersource/Customersource, so you can start planning for the next version.

https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/documentation/systemrequirements/mdgp2013_system_requirements.htm?printpage=false&sid=lbeeuo5ag1netcbenw5rlgiu&stext=GP 2013

https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/documentation/systemrequirements/mdgp2013_system_requirements.htm?printpage=false&sid=lbeeuo5ag1netcbenw5rlgiu&stext=GP 2013

This is all *Subject to Change*, however, you shouldn't be expecting any major changes.

The following are no longer supported with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

a. Windows XP all editions
b. Windows Server 2003 all editions
c. Internet Explorer 7.0
d. Microsoft Office 2007
e. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 all editions
f. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
g. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
h. Office Communicator 2007

GP 2013 Launch Portal

https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/newsevents/news/msdgp2013launchnews.htm?printpage=false&sid=lbeeuo5ag1netcbenw5rlgiu&stext=GP 2013

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 - Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People Top 100

The Most Influential People in Microsoft Dynamics for 2012 is out. Congratulations to Mark Polino (#20), Frank Hamelly (#67), Mariano Gomez (#66), Victoria Yudin (#93)!

Of course, the feedback has started coming in as well

My personal opinion, being nominated both years, is that this is a fantastic idea. Naturally, the people from the GP community above are extremely influential. Ultimately such a list, helps build the Microsoft Dynamics community. People nominated and people who make it to the final list, all feel closer to the Microsoft Dynamics community. It increases their commitment to the products in whatever small way. They are trying to base this on a lot of criteria, and working hard on it, so that's pretty good.

I would like to compare this to a beta 2 of an open source software. It has bugs, at the same time its out there for people to use as needed.

Finally, agreeing with John and Vaidy, the authors of the list naturally need to go back, and update their criteria, because the end result needs to have David Musgrave! You can’t have a major bug two years two years running! You can’t exclude the US president from the list of most powerful people in the world because he does not have enough Klout score.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dynamics GP 5 minute Support Session

Belinda Allen from (Belinda – The GP CSI) – is hosting a free Webinar for Microsoft Dynamics GP - 5 minute Support Session. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity to get your answers about any area of Dynamics GP from GP industry veteran, who’s been around for over 2 decades working with Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains).

May 21

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

This unique webinar for Microsoft Dynamics GP users will feature a 5 minute (or less) answer to your questions.  Questions will be typed in the chat session or emailed ahead of time and I'll give answer that is no longer than 5 minutes long.
If your question cannot be answered in 5 minutes, your topic will be discussed as thoroughly as possible in that 5 minute window.  Should I not be able to answer your question, I will follow up with an email.  
We'll start with 1 question per attendee, and loop back around if time permits.
Get your free tech support here!  All topics except the following modules will be available for questions:
-Risk Management Suite

SACI User Group for Microsoft Dynamics GP - 5 minute Support Session

Monday, May 21, 2012

2:00 PM - 3:00 AM EDT

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Help Improve Dynamics GP

Back when I was in college, we used to have a horrible college magazine. There was a magazine board of about 15-20 people, who would work hard every month to get the magazine out. I was a part of the majority crowd, who would criticize the magazine when it came out every month. On one of the walls in my room – I had pasted all the worst articles. On another, I had all the awesome articles from a few years back when the magazine was pretty cool. I passionately hated the current magazine.

Every year the magazine board would chose a new leader. The only guy running that year was somebody I thought, was as bad as the last leader. Late one night, my friends and I were ranting about how our college will continue to have the worst magazine ever. Right around then, one of my friends, Vidur, told me – “Jivtesh, you know you can continue, cribbing about the magazine for another year, or you run against that guy, and make a change”.

I laughed at the suggestion. It was one of my toughest years in college, I was already working a tough job on the side, so it was a silly decision. However, I decided to run, won and tried to make a difference. The next year was summarized in one brief moment in the college cafeteria, which I will always cherish. We had just released the final version – and I along with my co-editors Vishal and Karan walked into the college cafeteria. The loud cafeteria grew silent for a moment, as all the kids stood up – and clapped….

It’s a thought that still cheers me up.  That was the long story.

Here’s your short task. If you have ever been frustrated about a feature missing in Dynamics GP, you can make a difference. Mark Polino tells you how - 

DynamicAccounting.net: Dynamic Future–Vote - Unit Account should have the option to clear at year end