Sunday, April 20, 2008

Integration Manager 10 : Changing the path of IM Database for a User

An interesting thing happened to us a few times -

1. We would share an Integration Manager database,

2. Change the setting on a machine to point Integration Manager to the new IM database.

3. Then the user would login and they would still be looking at the old database.

Turns out the IM DB path is set per user. If you want to change the DB path you have to set it for each user.

The path is stored in a file named "IMUser_Data.xml" located at-

C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application Data\Microsoft Corporation\Microsoft Dynamics GP\

Example : For a user "administrator" the user path is “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft Corporation\Microsoft Dynamics GP\\IMUser_Data.xml”

If you want to change it -

Open the file IMUser_Data.xml

Change the path of database in <IMDefaultDatapath> node

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Programming Contest with a Supermodel !

This is kind of old, but too good to pass.

One of my favorite Coding Tools is Coderush and Refactor by DevExpress. They have templates for code generation, which make you extremely productive. We all have used Coderush for a long time and know it saves a lot of time.

Recently the guys at DevExpress organized a challenge at DevConnections where you had a speed coding contest with this Super Model. Check it out - there's a video out there as well.


At the DevConnections conference in Las Vegas NV, we took a spokesmodel, gave her 6 hours training and then let her go head-to-head with experienced software developers to determine who could write working code faster, more efficiently, in either C# or VB.

With the help of CodeRush Sara went undefeated.

If you write code in Visual Studio .Net for anything more than 6 hours per week - you should be using this!

Read another post here and here. And you can read the most interesting post on Mark Miller's blog. He is the funniest guy ... uncensored brilliance.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

IM 10 : Error Message - Integration Destination not set

You build and test an integration. You test it again. Then you go to a user to let them test it. "Okay all you have to do is open this integration and Click "RUN""

And then you get this error.

"This integration cannot be run because of the following problem(s):

Integration Destination not set. Use Add Destination to set a destination object for the integration. The destination specified by this integration uses an adapter that is not installed.

The destination will be removed from this integration."

Cause #1 : You were over confident.

Resolution #1 : Never look confident when using Integration Manager . Reduce your confidence and try again.

Cause #2 : You are pointing to a shared Integration Manager Database and somebody else has this integration open

Resolution #2 : Close Other open instance of Integration Manager and try again.

Monday, April 7, 2008

GP 10 Security : Power User is more Powerful than all other roles combined!

Recently we got a request to remove access to one window in GP for a user, who was otherwise a "Power User".

We had to remove access to the 'Challenging' Posting Setup Window, which I would write about in detail sometimes soon. Depending upon your experience with the Posting Setup Window you can substitute 'challenging' with words of your choice.

So we created a new role, selected all tasks in it, just removed access to posting setup window. We then changed the role of the user from Power User to this new role.

A week later, the user started reporting problems. It turned out even with all tasks assigned to the user, they didn't have access to certain areas. This was because - there were no tasks for those areas. I had written about how there are no inbuilt tasks Safe Pay Earlier.

So we ended up creating new tasks for all these areas. This was an iterative process, where we created tasks for various products. I will try and document all these areas in the future for your reference. It is a lengthy process to create tasks for all these missing modules in an organized way.

Meanwhile, Mr Power Users can keep their legacy for a while longer.