Thursday, December 20, 2007

GP 10 on Windows XP/SQL Express (Don't Try this at Home)

We installed GP 10 Server on a Windows XP machine recently. I don't recommend this as Windows XP is not supported as a server. However, a client didn't want to upgrade his server which was on GP 7 , and well ... the client is *always* right!

Everything seems to be working reasonably well till now.

Earlier, during our testing, we faced an interesting issue - we could not add any users.

It was one of those issues where everybody got interested, because this was working perfectly well in our test environment. We got together to troubleshoot it.

When we tried to add a user from within GP we got the helpful message below.

"The Creation of the login failed for an unknown reason. Contact your SQL server Administrator for assistance"

When as an administrator you get a message asking you to contact an administrator, it is not very comforting.

Tina suggested that we make a user in SQL and see if that works. When we tried to add a user in SQL we got the error below -

"The MUST_CHANGE option is not supported by this version of Microsoft Windows".

At this point Rubal put it together and suggested we turn off the Must Change password option. We did that and were able to add users.

We did the same thing from within GP - turned off the option to change password and we were able to add users.

Turns out, Windows XP and SQL Express combination doesn't allow creation of users with the password policy on. Hope that helps someone.


Unknown said...

I'm sure it will help somebody out there.

Just to be clear, the client isn't always right (I'm not always right as a client and if I'm being stupid in a way that costs money, I want to know about it). It's how you tell them that they are off their rocker that counts!


Jivtesh Singh said...

When I was writing the post, I paused to think if I should write that phrase "Client is always right", and if I should clarify it a little more.

Now i can, :).

This was for a client who has a single user version of GP.

They might upgrade in the future to more users, when they would migrate to Windows 2003. At this point it was more cost effective for them - to upgrade the system on the same machine. Their immediate concern was getting some softwares to work, that were no longer supported.

Thanks for your comments though!