Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Installing Great Plains Version 10 on .Net Framework 2.0 SP1

UPDATE : There is a transform file now available to fix this issue Error message when you try to install Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0: "Product: Dexterity Shared Components -- .NET Framework 2.0 is not installed. The installation cannot continue"

UPDATE 2 : The simplest solution - If your IT Manager allows is to just uninstall .Net 2.0 SP1 and run setup again. This will install .Net 2.0 again.

UPDATE 3 : AUGUST 2008 - The latest GP 10 Feature Pack 1 DVD installer, does not have this issue. So that the one I have started using.

I read in the newsgroups about this and didn't believe it, till I ran into the issue today.

If you try and install GP 10 on a machine that has .Net 2.0 SP1, the installer would fail. It installs just fine on machines that have .Net 2.0.

Patrick from MSFT Developer support wrote -

I actually ran the install of GP 10.0 and sometime during it I get the error as well. So something in the install yet again is checking incorrectly. I don't see how development is going to resolve this unless they rebuild the installs for 10.0 RTM and 10.0 SP1.

I ended up uninstalling .Net framework 2.0 SP1 from the machine and then installing .Net 2.0. I had this luxury with the machine being a new machine, but this would be impossible in most cases. What complicates matters is the fact - that .Net 3.0 requires .Net 2.0 SP1 to be installed. And you can't uninstall .Net 2.0 SP1 if you don't uninstall .Net 3.0. Phew!

There is no knowledgebase article or hotfix about this yet.

However, I just read that if you open a support case with Microsoft - " There is a transform file you can use to install both the Dexterity Shared Components and another one to install Dynamics with. Because this is an issue with our install, the case shouldn't be chargeable unless you have other issues outside this scope. "

I am very interested in knowing how Microsoft resolves this in the long run. Would they release a new setup file ? Will they send out this information to partners ?

I kind of sympathize with them, because I know it can be a pain testing against all versions of frameworks. Windows update would install .Net 2.0 SP1 on most machines, so this probably something we need to be aware of.


Anonymous said...

Great posts this week - very useful for us GP jockeys.

Jivtesh Singh said...

Thank you Andy!

Andy said...

FYI, I have a blog post with a little more info on installing as a default instance and including features in the initial install without having to go into Add/Remove Programs.

Anonymous said...

Asking customers to remove the .net Framework to install a lower version would not be a viable solution in most IT shops.

Are transforms available for the additional components on CD2, specifically workflow?

Anonymous said...

Anyone able to email me those transforms files and instructions? We are still evaluating and don't have access to Customer Source ... Seems all the resources for this issue are locked up in there. Let me know and I will post my email ...

Travis Norman said...

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