Wednesday, March 19, 2008

GP 10 does not have an inbuilt role/task for Safe Pay

Today while giving a user access to Safe Pay (Tools > Routines > Financial > Safe Pay), I realized that there wasn't an inbuilt task/role for Safe Pay. I was a little surprised, as this was the first major missing task in the otherwise excellent default Security Role /Task Setup.

However, it wasn't too difficult to set it up, here's what you have to do -

1. Create a new task called SAFE_PAY (or whatever, you want to name it according to your security setup)

2. Select Safe Pay as Third Party Product and give access to the Safe Pay Windows and Reports (Let me know if you need details on this)

3. Assign this tasks to a Role

4. Give the user who needs safe pay access, access to this role.

You should be able to see Safe Pay Menu option after this.


Anonymous said...


The same situation exists for Canadian Payroll - and M$ support states that there are no plans to create any default roles or tasks in the future.

Unknown said...

Explain step 2. Setting up Safepay as a third party.

Anonymous said...

Wow... this was fantastic. It's sad how this sort of information isn't readily available on the Customersource website.

sv said...

i am new to GP ..Would you please provide more steps to do this?