Monday, May 5, 2008

Dynamics GP Table Naming Logic

A million thanks to Mark Polino for putting up an amazing presentation on understanding Table Structure in GP. Please visit Mark's blog post which contains a link to the powerpoint. A must see for anybody who writes reports for GP.

Here are the gems from his powerpoint about table naming logic in-

1. ‘00000’ - Master tables contain all the permanent data about your business. Accounts, vendors, customers, items, and so on.

2. ‘10000’ - Work tables contain unposted batches of transactions entered using windows that can be opened using the Transactions button on the toolbar. Temporary transactions that can be changed or deleted until they are posted to an open table.

3. ‘20000’ - Open tables contain posted transactions for the current year, of which some may be unpaid. Information in open tables is moved to history tables when the transactions are paid.

4. ‘30000’ - History tables contain paid transactions, or transactions from a previous year.

5. ‘40000’ and up - Setup tables contain all the default settings and module options you’ve specified in the setup windows for each series.

In addition to that, I think the tables in 50000 series are the temp tables.

Based on this Logic - Review some of the Receivables Management(RM) Tables in GP

RM00101 RM Customer Mater RM00102 Customer Master Address File

RM10101 RM Distribution Work File RM10201 RM Cash Receipts Work File

RM20101 RM Open File RM20101 RM Open File Debit Copy

RM30101 RM History File RM30201 RM Apply History File

RM40101 RM Module Setup File RM40201 RM Period Setup

Now review the Payables Management(PM) Table

PM00100 PM Class Master File PM00200 PM Vendor Master File

PM10000 PM Transaction WORK File PM10100 PM Distribution WORK OPEN

PM20000 PM Transaction OPEN File PM20100 PM Apply To OPEN OPEN Temporary File

PM30200 PM Paid Transaction History File PM30300 PM Apply To History File

PM40100 PM Setup File PM40101 PM Period Setup File

and the General Ledger(GL) Tables

GL00100 Account Master GL00100 Distribution Account Master

GL10000 Transaction Work GL10001 Transaction Amounts Work

GL20000 Year-to-Date Transaction Open

GL30000 Account Transaction History

GL40000 General Ledger Setup GL40100 Quick Journal Setup

GL50010 General Ledger Period Header Temporary GL50011 General Ledger Period Temporary

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