Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Conditional Logo Example from David Musgrave


David ... writes about something which we get requested for every couple of months - having different logos to show up in different companies in GP Companies. We generally end up setting a blank form for one company and short form for another and so on... We copy over the format using a text editor (which reduces the task from 20 hours to 5 minutes). However, it is still a pain ... explaining to users about this and it is a work-around.

David's solution is to use conditional fields. The one problem he points out is that "This technique works when the logos are in different locations on the page."

I'll try and look further at that.

From David's Blog (He has provided a sample download)-

"The following Report Writer example demonstrates how it is possible to show different logo images on a report based on a defined condition. 

The Report Writer was used to create a custom report which has two logos on it.  Then each logo covered with a string conditional calculated field, which has the background and foreground color set to white and the field mode of Hide When Empty.  Then the condition is added to either set the field to a character (I used period/full stop) or empty.  This causes the logo to be covered or exposed.  The second calculated field uses the reversed condition."


David Musgrave said...

Check out the follow up posting which explains more about this issue.


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Jivtesh Singh said...

Thank you David!

Anonymous said...

This is a common problem, and a neat solution. However it is a lot of work for every report, especially if you subsequently want to add a 3rd logo.

We have taken the approach of having a consistent blank area in each report which we reserve for the logo (and any other graphics such as industry acreditations)

We then use FinePrint to set up several virtual printers which will overlay any reports sent to them with the appropriate logo.

By using this in conjunction with Named Printers then you can make this seamless to the user. The big advantage is that if you wish to modify the logo or industry acreditations then changing it in FinePrint modifies it for all the reports. You can also add additional logos for a 3rd company very easily.

At $50 a PC then FinePrint is a useful utility and in the server version then you can centrally change all the overlays used.

Best regards

Rod King (Liber8 Ltd)