Monday, September 29, 2008

Software that Does not Support RAM higher than 1.9 GB

That's right. Today I couldn't use a software because I had too much RAM.

Adobe Authorware(formerly Macromedia Authorware) would not run on my PC because my system RAM is higher than the supported 2 GB. It kept telling me -"Computer Memory is full" when I started it.

I closed all my programs, only to find out that it was a known problem and "Authorware was not designed to work on machines that have 2 GB RAM (physical + virtual). Your only real option is to remove some RAM."

I tested this by launching a couple of VPC's and then the program worked 'just fine'.

Adobe discontinued development on the software in 2007, and I used to wonder why. I had used it about 10 years back and loved it for creating quick professional quizzes.

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