Thursday, October 9, 2008

Removing Reminders which pop up after logging in to Dynamics GP

I get asked this question at least once every month - "How can I remove the reminders which pop up ? They kind of slow things down"

Most people figure out the common stuff themselves, but have trouble getting rid of the Customer Improvement Program part. I too had trouble getting rid of it, it would pop back up even after I had deleted it. Below are solutions to disable reminders/tasks lists Prompts after login

Option1: Delete the Reminders and Tasks

Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Reminders >> Change Reminder Preferences

Remove Custom Reminders and uncheck pre defined Reminders

Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Reminders >> Microsoft Tasks List

Open the Tasks and Delete or Mark as Complete

Microsoft Default Task (CEIP) is not deleted by deleting in normal way.

To delete it, Open the Task on clicking on it. Click on Name Link.

Select “No, I don’t want to Participate”.

Then delete the Task. You will not be prompted for this Task when you login again.

Option 2 : Remove Reminders Prompt by adding it to the “To-Do” web part on Home Page.

Click on Customize This page link on Home Page.

Mark “To Do”

“To Do” will be Displayed as Web Part on home page

Next time on login, you will not be prompted for Reminder or Tasks List Window


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