Thursday, February 26, 2009

AA Table Changes with GP 10 SP2

If you are using GP 10 SP2, FRx Cannot Report on Analytical Accounting History Following an Year End Close.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 2 - Microsoft has made some Database changes . When the year end close process is run - it automatically moves the AA transactions from the AAG30000 tables to the AAG40000 series tables.

FRx does not read from the AAG40000 series of tables and therefore, cannot report on historical data for Analytical Accounting. You get the error - "This report yields no data".

There is a hotfix available from Microsoft (hotfix 962862), but you need to contact Microsoft for it, its not available for public download yet.

I have not done any tests yet, but this should lead to performance improvements in your AA Reports. This would also mean that you need to update your custom AA Reports to read data from AAG40000 series tables.

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