Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Microsoft Surface and Dynamics!

Am I dreaming or could in a few years, we could be designing and using Dynamics Applications that worked on Microsoft Surface ?! I have been in love with Microsoft surface ever since I saw the first demo. Apple ofcourse kind of ruined it for Microsoft here too .... but thats another story.

I always thought Surface made sense only in Casino's and five star Hotels ... but this is fantastic!

Read more on Waldo's blog here

 "we got a new demo on the Surface. You know the Surface? It's a multi-finger-touchscreen-coffee table (yes … table (OK, not "coffee" table Smile)) from Microsoft. Now, they are developing a new Warehouse-application on it. It is showing a map of the warehouse (the different zones, bins , locations, …). It is actually an intuitive application where you can move items, create transfers and other warehouse activities by dragging and dropping … . It's linked with dynamics, so it generates the necessary activities for your warehouse employees… . Cool! Next, they showed the integration of it with the Business Process Manager … . The Surface is delivering nice graphical capabilities, where it's gong to be quite intuitive to work with the apps that are run on it."

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Doug Pitcher said...

They had the "surface table" in the Microsoft area in expo at Convergence. Pretty cool stuff. I stood in line for 10 mins waiting from my turn to play around with it. Seemed like there was 5 people always around it waiting to give it a try.

Doug Pitcher