Friday, March 27, 2009

Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP - Resources

Getting Started ?

Visual Studio Tools SDK for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 - SP3 is out as of today, which supports VS 2008. You will need VS 2005 SP1.

If you get the error -".Net Framework 2.0 not detected", and you know you have .Net 2 installed, install the SDK from the SP2 download, where this error has been fixed.

Developer Toolkit Samples - There a couple of nice applications, that you can build on.

a) Field Defaulter - Uses events to default City and State fields when a user enters a ZIP code in Customer Maintenance

b) Estimate Freight - Estimates Freight Amounts for Sales Documents and fills it in the Sales TRx Entry Window.

Developer Toolkit Resources at Developing for Dynamics GP Blog

Need help ?

VS Tools Forum by Steve Gray - Excellent Resource for all VS Tools related troubleshooting and questions . 

Microsoft GP Developer Newsgroup

Tips and Tricks

Menus for Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 by David Musgrave and GP Developer Team- Add-On which helps in adding Menu items to GP Menu and to add your a form directly to the menu. This has been a great solution to one of the complicated parts of developing apps with VS Tools.

Reading a config file with VS Tools by Dave Dusek- Extremely helpful in adding custom switches for your app so you can make changes on the fly in your app.

Code For Centering the Add-In Windows on Screen regardless of Resolution by Mohammad Daoud


David Musgrave said...

Have a look at the following KB for the .Net Framework issue:



Anonymous said...

VS 2008 is supported with VSTools 10.0 SP2.

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