Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FRx and Forecaster Replacement– Management Reporter

There has been a lot of coverage about this recently, but I still do get asked these questions quite often, so here’s the summary -

1. What product is replacing FRx ?

Management Reporter. You get Management Reporter and not FRx when you buy GP 2010(unless you point out a missing functionality, which is probably going to be very rare)

See Mark Polino’s Posts about Management Reporter here, he has been covering it for quite some time.

2. When is FRx support ending

Support for FRx 6.7 will end around 2012

3. What about FRx Forecaster?

For now continue using Forecaster, its support would end around 2014, when Version 4 of Management Reporter is launched. By then the budgeting aspects would be integrated into Management Reporter and an upgrade path be available.

4. How difficult would it be to upgrade from FRx to Management reporter? How different is MR from FRx ?

There is a step by step wizard for Migrating the data.

FRx and Management Reporter are very similar. Management reporter is just more robust with a SQL Backend. I guess anything and everything would be more robust than FRx. I have seen strange FRx errors make grown-ups cry. I am definitely going to miss the Sysdata folder and the TDB files though.

See more great posts below


If you like FRx, you'll love Management Reporter

5. Where can I find out more about Management reporter

Check out the Dynamics CPM Blog http://blogs.msdn.com/dynamicscpm/

They have lots of great posts coming out very frequently

  • Bonus feature! Using the new GP 2010 General Ledger Reporting Ledgers in Management Reporter
  • Management Reporter Feature of the week: Report Library
  • Management Reporter Features of the Week: Formatting, Organization and Report Groups

    Information at Partnersource https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/solutions/mgmtreporter

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