Friday, July 16, 2010

Analytical Accounting Alias Feature

Aliases for Dimension codes was a cool new feature that was added in GP 10 Feature pack. (You can create a grouping of Analytical Accounting Transaction Dimension codes as defaults when entering analytical information on a transaction similar to the account alias in General Ledger. A default combination of transaction dimension codes will help increase speed and accuracy for data entry and enable users to create more than a single set of defaults for the transaction dimensions.)

The world Before AA Alias – You had to manually select the dimension codes.

In some cases you could set Dimension codes as  defaults, but that had a very limited use.



Enter AA Alias

Open the window from Cards >> Financial >> Analytical Accounting >> Alias

Set the defaults.



The Magical World with AA Alias!

When you open the AA Window, the cursor is already placed on the Alias field. All you have to do is enter the Alias, and it would fill all the dimension codes for you. Excuse my dramatization, but I am sure anybody who has spent more than an hour entering transactions with AA codes would share my enthusiasm!


While writing this post I searched the custom GP Blog Search Engine at www.gpwindow.com and found another great post about this feature by CVAKumar. So I saved some time I would have spent in discussing how -“You can import alias from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that has been set up in the required format.” Check out his post !

Note – You need to be on GP 10 SP2 or higher to use this feature.

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Anonymous said...

what if you don't have alias's setup and so you now have to manually use your mouse to move the cursor down to the the TD box each and every time??

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