Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Dynamics GP Book

MVP Mark Polino has just announced that his Dynamics GP Book, is available from Amazon - Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook.

Mark has been the pioneer of the Dynamics GP Community online for many years. It takes a lot to be a Dynamics GP Consultant – keeping track of various customers, their implementations,  requirements, and often some travelling. Mark has been managing that and also contributing to the GP Community, and been recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional for his contributions.

Now to top all that, Mark has managed to write a book, reviewed with high praise by fellow Microsoft MVPs. How does one guy do all that ?

I think there are three Mark Polino’s -

1. One of them works as a GP consultant, goes home and takes his kids out to beaches and games. He mentors them to go and do charity in Africa.

2. The second one is a blogger who has published over 2000 posts with Dynamics GP news, tips and tricks in the last couple of years. He publishes a GP Podcast(GPRocks) and maintains a GP Youtube channel(DynamicsSherpa). This Mark Polino is also famous for the most popular 50 tips session at convergence.

3. The third one has been working on a book with over 400 pages of Dynamics GP tips and tricks, covering the latest GP release GP 2010 launched earlier this year.

Yes, there are 3 Mark Polino’s, that is the only explanation that makes sense to me.


Unknown said...

Apparently I've also perfected cloning! Thanks for mentioning the book.


Anonymous said...

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