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Dynamics GP : Reporting (FRx, Management Reporter, Business Alerts, Crystal, Report Writer, Smartlist, Builder and SSRS)

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a wide range of reporting and analysis tools. The Dynamics GP Community has covered different types of Reporting options available for Dynamics GP extensively - FRx, Management Reporter, Crystal Reports, Smartlist, Smartlist Builder and Reporting services.

Getting Started with GP Reporting ?

If you are getting started with Reporting in Dynamics GP, check out MVP Mark Polino’s excellent Powerpoint presentation on Reporting in Dynamics GP. Its a couple of years old but still very relevant. Mark covers information about finding table information, and various tools.

Another fantastic article on getting started with Dynamics GP Reporting is by MVP Mariano Gomez – “Navigating the Sea of Emerging Reporting Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP”. Mariano gives an overview of all the reporting options available in GP.

Business Alerts

In the Business Alerts sub section, you will see posts about configuring Business Alerts in GP. You can see posts about setting up Custom Business Alerts by Michael D. Johnson II. There is a nice article by Mariano on Configuring Business Alerts to report posting errors and one by Mark - “Alert! Alert! Four Ways to Use Microsoft Dynamics GP to Generate Early Warning Notices”

Crystal Reports

In the Crystal Reports sub section, you will see posts about designing, printing, deploying and running Crystal Reports. There are some great posts by Victoria Yudin here - Displaying Checkboxes in Crystal Reports, Renaming tables in Crystal Reports, How to get next Monday’s date in Crystal Reports, Dynamically change decimal places in Crystal Reports, Adding watermarks to Crystal Reports, Alternating shading for lines in Crystal Reports , Running Totals in Crystal Reports, Suppressing blank lines in Crystal Reports and more. There are also posts by Mohammad Daoud on “Run Crystal Report in Dynamics GP Using VBA”, and Print Crystal Report Directly to the printer using VBA. Check out the other posts by visiting this category on GPWindow. Reviewing the articles in this category will make you a Crystal Reports expert!


In the FRx sub section, you will see posts about installing, configuring, creating and modifying FRx reports. You can check out posts about FRx Currency Translation (Setting up and more by Jan Harrigan), FRx Report Launcher, FRx DrillDown Viewer, FRx WebPort. You can see posts about Dynamics GP Trial Balance in Excel using FRx from Victoria Yudin. Linking External Worksheets In FRx by Waqas, FRx Transaction Detail codes for Dynamics GP by Janakiram and post on FRx Future by Jan. For some people who have nightmares about FRx Installation and upgrades – there are useful posts like FRx Installation Error - Windows Updates by Vaidy and information about the latest FRx service packs and FRx versions. There are nice FRx tips by Belinda Allen like - FRx Report Book, too powerful to miss using and Email FRx Reports Easily

Under FRx Forecaster you can see some awesome posts by Christina - Forecaster.ini...or maybe outie?, Forecaster Users and Dynamics GP Users, Forecaster Input Options and FRx Forecaster Import is Easy by Steve Chapman. Although FRx Forecaster is primarily a budgeting tool, its put in under the FRx category. If you have any suggestions about where it would be more easier for people to find, let me know.


In the MANAGEMENT REPORTER sub section, you will see posts about installing, configuring and migration to Management Reporter from FRx. You can see posts about the The Future of FRx and Management Reporter by Jan Harrigan. There are posts on when NOT to Migrate to Management Reporter, and on how to Migrate to Management Reporter from FRx. If you are getting started with Management Reporter do go through the top articles in this category.

Navigation Lists

In the Navigation Lists sub section, you will see posts about the benefits of using the navigation lists in GP, which are relatively a new feature compared to the other options. You can see posts about Leveraging Navigation Lists in GP v10. 0and Exporting Navigation Lists to Excel by Mark Polino. There are posts about Navigation List builder as well.

Report Writer

In the Report Writer sub section, you will see posts about using GP's built in Reports Writer to modify GP reports as per your requirements. You can see loads of excellent posts by David Musgrave and team – Using the built-in Report Writer Functions , Using ADO with VBA with Report Writer, How to get large amounts of text to look good on a report, Accessing any SQL data from a Report Example, RW - Conditional Logos Example. There are over 70 articles here, all worth checking out. If you have a report writer problem, there is a chance David and his team have written about it.


There are some very useful posts by Frank Hamelly - Using SQL Wildcards to search & filter in SmartList, Changing the Default GoTo in a SmartList, Take the Pain out of SmartLists with the Navigation Pane. There’s also the extremely popular Smartlist: Exports slowly to Excel - Part 1 which will help you improve the performance of your Smartlist exports to excel significantly.

SmartList Builder

In this sub-section, you will see posts about Drilldown Builder, building Smartlists using SQL views and Security related to Smartlists. You can see posts like Drill Down Builder from Microsoft's official GP blog - Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP. How to use a SQL view in Smartlist Builder by Victoria and posts on Smartlist Builder Security by Mariano - Smartlist Builder Security for SQL Server Views and Vaidy - View Smartlists with SQL Tables. There are also Smartlist Builder troubleshooting articles like - SmartList Builder based on SQL View not returning data. Devon Southall has some nice articles in this section like - Summary SmartLists in Builder (Sales by Item for a date range, etc), Making a copy of a Builder SmartList, Distribution Tables – adding the GL accounts to Builder Lists. There are over 50 great articles so check this category out if you use Smartlist Builder or intend to use it.

SQL Analysis Cubes

In the SQL Analysis Cubes sub section, you will find posts about GP Analysis cubes and how to modify the existing cubes. Under this sub section you will find a video that shows you an example of how to use the Analysis Cubes with Dynamics GP by Steve Chapman. Another great post shows Receivable Aging in Analysis Cubes for Excel by David Duncan.


Under the SQL Reporting Services sub section, you will find techniques to use SQL Server Reporting Services (also called SSRS) with GP. Under this section you will find posts about Things I love about SQL Reporting Services by Christina Phillips and Using SSRS with Dynamics GP from Waqas Butt. There is also a post on the SSRS Reports Available in Dynamics GP 10.0 by Steve.

More Information

Check out over 500 articles on Dynamics GP Reporting at GPWindow organized into various categories - http://www.gpwindow.com/REPORTING/


Are there any other important articles about GP reporting that I missed ? If yes, add your comments*.

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