Monday, August 2, 2010

GP 2010 – Setting up Email Options for Multiple Customers/Vendors

One of the most highlighted features of GP 2010 is the much enhanced email functionality. Its been covered at the Inside Dynamics GP Blog. 

First you need to set up e-mail options for the company

Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> E-mail Settings



From here you can setup the email options for the Sales or Purchasing series

Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Sales >> E-mail Settings



After that if you want to setup messages for email documents you can do that from Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> E-mail Message Setup

Messages can be predefined on a company-wide basis



After setting up the company email options, a two very useful Windows are -

  1. Mass Vendor E-Mail Settings window : Choose the Purchasing button in the navigation pane >> Vendors list >> select vendors >> select E-mail Settings in the Modify group 
  2. Mass Customer E-Mail Settings window : Choose the Sales button in the navigation pane >> Customers list >> select customers >> select E-mail Settings in the Modify group 

Using these windows you can assign e-mail settings to multiple customers/vendors. You can select which documents you want to send. You also can specify message IDs and the document format to use.






More GP 2010 features in the GP 2010 Category on GP Window  http://www.gpwindow.com/GP_VERSIONS/GP_2010/


Bob McAdam said...

This is a superb post and highlights one of the best new features now available with GP 2010 (the Navigation List rollout was very helpful) . Be sure to plan email correspondence accordingly when rolling this functionality out as customers/vendors will be affected, too, not just your GP users. With all the email flying around these days, one wouldn't want a customer to lose track of an invoice or a vendor to miss out on a critical PO just because it went electronically and not via the post office. We all know what managing our ‘Inbox’ is like each day, and dread returning from time away from the office to tackle all that has accumulated, don’t we?! Thx, Bob

Jivtesh Singh said...


Thanks for your valuable input!


Anonymous said...

This is great and very helpful. However, you would need to run it on customers after they are brought in, each day if you are importing new orders daily. Plus the list will grow too long to make this workable.

Anyone know how to default new customers to settings like this? The customer class doesn't have these email options in it. Shouldn't we be able to have all new customers set with a preference like this?

Maybe it will take some SQL work...


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Anyone know what task ID is used when you need to edit the message using the email detail entry box at the sales transaction screen. One of my users is getting an "no access rights" error when trying to edit the message body. I cant find the task to provide her access.



Unknown said...

Hi Jivtesh. This is good news for our client who's looking to use the emailing functionality. They are on GP2010. However, I don't see the Email Settings options under Modify Group as shown on your screenshot. Is this installed on a later build of GP2010? Thanks.