Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where’s that GP Window International Version (Australia, New Zealand, UK)

GP users in Australia, New Zealand and UK can now use the Where’s that GP Window Page to search for Navigation paths specific to their installs.



Last week I had written how -  David Musgrave in his first few minutes after reviewing the Where’s that GPWindow page immediately gave me 3 windows that were missing. I thought they would have been hard to find (there are over 4,527 Navigation paths included in this page, after all!). I challenged a few people to find missing window paths, but nobody found anything else. The paths David had found were -

“Debtor Maintenance and Creditor Maintenance and Chequebook Maintenance”

David helped out in doing the conversion for Aus/UK/NZ, and my friend Chetna reviewed to make sure everything was in place by comparing with a UK Install.

References -

  1. Where’s that GP Window Page Introduction
  2. Update about the Page 
  3. Posts by David, Mark and Vaidy

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