Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where’s that GP Window ?

Do you find yourself or other GP Users stumbling to find a Dynamics GP window?   Its pretty natural, considering that there are over 4000 windows in Dynamics GP.

Now you have got a page that can help you find the path of a GP Window.

  1. Go to www.GPWindow.com and click on the “Where's that GP Window?” link. Or directly go to http://www.gpwindow.com/gpwindow.php
  2. Enter the search term containing a part of the window name like -  “Safe Pay” or “Dimension Code”
  3. It will show you associated Window Paths

The “Where's that GP Window?” page covers over 4037 Windows and 4522 navigation paths to them.

So next time you need help finding a GP Window – use this page and let me know if it helps.


Notes :

1. If you need this on your PC, there is a nice application by Rockton Software called Mentor. Mariano Gomez covered it on his blog last year. If your customers are willing to pay a little for something that improves their productivity, Mentor can be a big help for new users.

One of the things I found missing from Mentor is that it doesn’t cover all modules like – Analytical Accounting, Manufacturing, Audit Trails and so on. I had these modules installed, but could not see the windows when I searched for them.  However, it is still a great app for new users.

2. David Musgrave told me that the Support Debugging Tool can help you find a GP Window too - “Use the Resource Information window in Form mode, enter the display name or part of, it will find the window.  Then click the Menu Explorer lookup to find where it is on the menus.”  Is there anything that this tool can’t do ? :)

3. Thanks to Kuldeep for his sharp thinking and help in extracting the file paths and to Rubal, Tina and Chetna for their proofing.


Feedback :

I am thinking of adding sorting and advanced search to this page next. If there are any other things you’d like in the page, please let me know via comments or email (Jivtesh AT Gmail DOT com )

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jivtesh,

I think that would be a great new feature. Of course, I'm still trying to absorb the current release. It's like having too much of a rich desert and wanting more!

This is an amazing site. I made a late change to my slide show for my training last week to be sure to spread the word among some new users. I love it.