Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dynamics GP SDT Essential Series 3 – Using Triggers (GP on Steroids)

Chetna has been digging deep with the Support Debugging Tool and she shares what her findings about Triggers at Dynamics GP SDT Essential Series 3 – Using Triggers (GP on Steroids). Great post with lots of screenshots.

A really awesome feature of Support Debugging Tool is the non-logging triggers features that watches for specified events and exception conditions.

To give a very simple example – you can define a Trigger for Customer Field Change Event on Cash Receipts Entry window. After you have done that, when there is a change in the Customer field – you can do anything – display a message, send an email or execute code.

David Musgrave has a nice introduction here – Using the Support Debugging Tool to create temporary fixes

Non-logging triggers have two purposes, they can be used when looking for the cause of issues to execute additional code to help with the debugging work, for example: reading data and storing it in the log for later analysis; or popping up a dialog to confirm a particular piece of code has been executed.

However, they can also be used to execute additional code that can be used to temporary fix an issue or quickly prototype code for a permanent fix. Once the temporary fix has been tested, it can be used while a more permanent solution is developed…”

Marian Verzosa explains how she used this feature to resolve an issue – Recurring Transactions and Record Notes

“…To resolve this issue, we created non logging triggers using the Support Debugging Tool’s Automatic Debugger Mode feature to capture when Receivables Management transactions are deleted from the Receivables Transaction Entry (RM_Sales_Entry) or the Receivables Batch Entry (RM_Batch_Entry) windows…”

Read the complete post - Dynamics GP SDT Essential Series 3 – Using Triggers (GP on Steroids)

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