Monday, November 8, 2010

Dynamics GP ISV Product Reviews at GPWindow.com

We are starting the GP ISV Product review series. With research inputs from Chetna and implementation inputs from Tina and Rubal - I think there will be content that will be of use to both GP Users and GP Consultants.

There are thousands of Dynamics GP ISVs and Add-On products, adding value to GP’s built in functionality. Product reviews will aim to highlight some of the popular GP products.

We've got over 15 products lined up, if there is a product you'd like us to review or write more about, shoot an email or add your comments.

In order to make the reviews unbiased, each review will carry references of the products from newsgroups. In response to questions in various groups, GP experts and MVPs often give their unbiased views about products. We have our list of Dynamics GP experts, most of whom have been recognized by Microsoft for their work with the community. We researched how often these products were referred to in the community by these experts – people like Mark Polino, Mariano Gomez, Victoria Yudin, Charles Allen, David Musgrave, Leslie Vail. The discussions related to this product are referenced with each review.

Read the first review here – Mekorma MICR

You will find the following sections about this product -

  1. Short Description
  2. How this product helps
  3. Which Requirements does this product help meet
  4. References from Newsgroups/Community
  5. Website and Trial Version Download
  6. Installation and Configuration with Screenshots
  7. Features

Read the complete review at http://www.dynamicsgpproducts.com/mekorma-micr-check-printing/

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