Friday, July 1, 2011

Good News

Just got the mail from Microsoft this morning - "We are pleased to present you with the 2011 Microsoft MVP Award for Dynamics GP!"
I told Rubal - "I have good news"
She said - "What are you pregnant or something?"
That comment would have been fine, but considering she is the wife, didn't make sense. She says - "Its just the way you said 'I have good news', that's the only correct response"
Next I called up Richard and Belinda - the two people I have learnt most of Dynamics GP from. Belinda, after congratulating me said - "When you said good news, I thought you were going to say a baby is on the way. "
True Story.
I've kept the title of this post "Good News" in order to promote the fact that there is other good news in this world as well.
That being said - thank you to all of you out there who have helped and encouraged me in the last few years especially - Mark, David and Mariano.
I hope I can help people out with GP more in the future.


Dhan Raj said...

Congratulations Jivtesh and Welcome to MVP Club.

Mariano Gomez said...

What took you so long? :-))

Unknown said...

I agree with Mariano. What in the world took you this long? Congrats!!!

kanwals said...

we are thrilled. proud of you.congratulations .keep it up .

Natarajan said...