Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everything Dynamics GP #21

Lots of great information today – If you have been waiting to know about FRx Forecaster Future – Jill Carter has answers to all your questions - Microsoft Forecaster - What's the future? Good news – its here for a while.

Lynn Mueller has the list of most viewed KB Articles for GP Knowledge Base Article News for Dynamics GP and has a tip on finding KB articles using Bing. Just add “Microsoft Dynamics GP kb” to your query!

I tried this myself - Microsoft Dynamics GP kb home page – Bing – and found some useful results. It doesn’t yet show all the results but it is a great start when you dont want to login to Partnersource on a client PC. Of course you can always use the search on www.GPWindow.com!

Finally – a series I am really looking forward to as a .Net developer has started- Dynamics GP Developer Insights: The Evolution of the Silverlight PushButton . They discuss their design decisions. This is really fascinating and its really nice of Microsoft – thank you Kurt Larson, David Musgrave and everybody else!

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Other Interesting Stuff

Dynamics GP Videos of the Day

This video will provide a deeper look at how Microsoft uses secure, reliable, scalable and efficient best practices to deliver over 200 cloud services to more than a billion customers and 20 million businesses in over 70 countries.It provides an understanding at how we view our end-to-end cloud strategy from an infrastructure perspective. 

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