Monday, September 5, 2011

On the complicated name “Jivtesh”

My parent’s gave me a “unique” name, and it has been an entertaining journey since. I am sure others out there with complicated names have similar stories. Feel free to share in the comments!

In school, my friends thought “Jivtesh” rhymed with “Givetake”, and that stuck. “Give and Take” lead to “Corruption”, and that’s what I was called for the rest of school. It was pretty innovative, I will give them that. I specifically enjoyed when teachers, who were not in on the joke, wondered what this little kid does in school to be called “Corruption”!

In college, while going on sales calls for our college magazine – the first few minutes were spent in explaining my name. I ended up saying the name of whoever was accompanying me, much to their surprise. The funny part was however, when they had to introduce themselves, and come up with a new name :)

At work, naturally most Americans have trouble getting the name. Some of them, immediately, come up with their own Nickname like “Jiv” or “Jivi”. I don't mind them as long they do not end with “-boy” or anything that has to be explained with a dance move(“ JIIIVE Talking!”)

Some, however, try and learn the name and are delighted when they say out my name correctly - “JEEVTESH, Did I say that correctly?! OMG! Awesome!”

I am always impressed, but then, the next day they mail me -

“Dear Jivtech” or “Jivtest” or “Jeevtess”

Well, whatever.

However, believe it or not, there are many advantages to having a unique name.

Anytime, one of my friends comes up to me and says – “OMG OMG– I just got  MartinAllen@ymail.com !!! FTW! Take your name before they all fill out!!!!”

I tell them humbly, that I have -

And they go – Well, whatever.


Suman said...

That's interesting! And I thought i was the only one. :P

amit said...

interesting :)..in btw there are cons of having very simple name for e.g. "Amit"...

Vishal said...

After the whole exercise, everyone has his own fiction but coming out with "Jivtech" was most humorous. haha..