Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Kinect with GP Demo at Convergence

2012 has been a very exciting year –

  • Moving from the chilling cold to burning heat in Jan in Perth (and getting to meet the 'David Musgrave’)
  • Getting to play a small part at the GP General session at Convergence 2012 (GP with Kinect Warehouse Demo)

There’s more coming up on the GP front and the Kinect front this year, but for now I just want to thank everybody involved in the Kinect with GP Demo. If you haven’t seen it yet – I recorded a part of it –


Kinect with GP Demo presented at Convergence 2012


You can watch the complete session and many other sessions at at Virtual Convergence

To read more about the GP General Session check out the following sessions -

Thank you the GP Product team -  Pam, Errol, Jay and Chad for letting me be a part of this, and Mariano and David for their help. This took up a large part of my weekends over the past 5 months – but was totally worth it. It was challenge considering we were using the Kinect SDK Beta – however, I think the idea was portrayed pretty well.

I have already had feedback from a lot of people about how something like this could be very helpful in the hazardous/chemical industries. With the Kinect SDK 1.0 and the commercial sensor now out – the possibilities are endless. I am very excited about the new Kinect + Windows 8 world – so if any of you are looking at doing something in this field and have any questions, feel free to give me a shout.

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