Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 - Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People Top 100

The Most Influential People in Microsoft Dynamics for 2012 is out. Congratulations to Mark Polino (#20), Frank Hamelly (#67), Mariano Gomez (#66), Victoria Yudin (#93)!

Of course, the feedback has started coming in as well

My personal opinion, being nominated both years, is that this is a fantastic idea. Naturally, the people from the GP community above are extremely influential. Ultimately such a list, helps build the Microsoft Dynamics community. People nominated and people who make it to the final list, all feel closer to the Microsoft Dynamics community. It increases their commitment to the products in whatever small way. They are trying to base this on a lot of criteria, and working hard on it, so that's pretty good.

I would like to compare this to a beta 2 of an open source software. It has bugs, at the same time its out there for people to use as needed.

Finally, agreeing with John and Vaidy, the authors of the list naturally need to go back, and update their criteria, because the end result needs to have David Musgrave! You can’t have a major bug two years two years running! You can’t exclude the US president from the list of most powerful people in the world because he does not have enough Klout score.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for echoing my thoughts. And I wish you reach that coveted place next year. It's not going to be too far from here. Your contribution to GP Community in recent times have been truly amazing.

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