Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Copy Paste JEs from Excel to Dynamics GP

Mohammad R. Daoud has built a fantastic utility (based on a suggestion by MVP Mark Polino)

His utility allows you to copy a JE from excel directly into the JE window in Dynamics GP, how cool is that ?!

Mail him for a copy

In the past Rubal had built a utility requested by one of our customers that allowed you paste JE’s with AA information into a custom JE entry window. However, having something that works with the default JE window is fantastic!

Also if you dig excel for data entry with Dynamics GP – you should check out – the excel data entry templates that ship with SmartConnect. SmartConnect has templates for GL, PM, PO, SOP, Inventory – and with excellent VBA validation, and SQL connection to check if an account/item exists and so on.


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