Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creating an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) Series

After my DW/BI post yesterday, a reader mailed me pointing me to the Creating an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) Series by John Lowther.  John has some great ideas – and recommendations, so check it out.

Here’s the summary from John’s blog -


As the last post in this series, I wanted to recap and try to give a high level of what we wish to accomplish.

If you remember on the first post we wanted to achieve two things, and that was not to hurt the performance of the Applications or of the BI Solution.

In the second post, we defined some generic ways of thinking about data in general. Things like concentric data, superfluous data, solitary data, relational data, etc.

Then we look at a way to keep the number of SQL Jobs down so that we have a maintainable system in the end.

Then we looked at a way to monitor the system to make sure that performance does not degrade over time.

We even touched on a way of getting data from on system to another, and started up another set of related posts on that subject, specifically named "Getting data from Point A to Point B".

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Javier Gonzales said...

Hi Jivtesh
It’s a very interesting topic. Happy to see you are getting more involved in the BI world :)
I believe you mentioned a very good point here as traditional reporting is no longer enough for today’s businesses. In my opinion, GP offers a great opportunity (and sometimes creates a necessity) for BI solutions because you already have a good basis to build a data warehouse / cube given the consistency and robustness that GP has for handling transactions (You will be amazed to know how many organizations build BI solutions on top of really lame relational systems/databases hoping this could solve its information necessities)
There are multiple benefits behind implementing a BI solution, and I am sure merging GP Dynamics and Analysis Services will always generate a return in any business’s investment.
Good luck with your journey around BI land….Have fun!!