Sunday, March 31, 2013

#CONV13 and #MSDYNGP on Twitter

I have always wondered where twitter fit into the scheme of things. LinkedIn is great for professional contacts, Facebook is pretty good for friends and family. Blogs are excellent for sharing information in an informal way or for sharing experiences.

Twitter was always the awkward cousin in my world, asking for attention (and getting attention from a lot of people). It never really made sense to me – why would you want to limit your post to 140 characters. 

Convergence 2013 changed that for me – we were sharing useful information real time – announcements, new sessions, feedback. #conv13 and #msdyngp had thousands of tweets – and were “trending” on twitter. It was information just about adequate for twitter.

Errol Schoenfish, Pam Misialek, and Jay Manley from Microsoft were tweeting before and after sessions. So were MVPs Mariano GomezLeslie Vail, Mark Polino, Belinda Allen, Frank Hamelly and Charles Allen. David Musgrave  was tweeting all the way from Perth in the middle of the night. jon_rivers was one of the top influencers like last year.

MSDynamicsWorld.com, Beat Bucher, palmawurzel, Bob McAdam were the other twitter experts I was following who were keeping everybody posted. I highly recommend following all of them above – and maybe this twitter thing will start making more sense like it did to me finally!

Some of the guys above have interesting lists – which you might want to review.

If you want to check out the tweets go here -





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