Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vote for David Musgrave–2013

David Musgrave has one of the most helpful blogs for Dynamics GP. I am told this multiple times every week by customers and partners. He is the author of the brilliant support debugging tool.   If you work with Dynamics GP, chances are you have used his excellent resources pretty often (See below).

Last year with Mariano Gomez he had the top ranked Microsoft Dynamics GP session at Convergence 2012 and had two sessions in the overall top 10 (3rd & 9th).

Last couple of years due to a “massive bug” – David Musgrave’s name was not in the top 100 list. We need to fix that this year – and need to get him in the top 20. That’s where he belongs.

So now is your chance to go and vote – Vote for David Musgrave – in this poll.

While you are at it – vote for Mark Polino, Leslie, Mariano, Martin Olsen they are all conveniently on page 9! My name is in there as well well – but don’t vote for me, vote a second time for David Musgrave.

Interestingly – Errol Schoenfish is not in the list of nominees, so somebody needs to tell the organizers about this new bug ! Ultimately, this is just a fun exercise – but its just a nice way to let people who work hard in the Dynamics World get some feedback.

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