Monday, January 13, 2014

Six Microsoft Dynamics GP Predictions for 2014

Mark Polino shares his Five Microsoft Dynamics GP Predictions for 2014 over at MSDynamicsWorld.com. Its a great list, and if I may add a sixth prediction -

Significantly Increased Adoption of Dynamics GP on Azure

Hosting GP on Azure Infrastructure Services is quick, cheap, efficient and scalable. I have already seen quite a few customers, and partners take the lead on this. If you haven’t yet started looking into it – Microsoft has a dedicated page at Partnersource.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 on Windows Azure

There’s video training, business value – but don’t miss the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 on Windows Azure Deployment Whitepaper. The web client is revolutionary technology, and if you have the option – I always recommend going for it. Unfortunately, not a lot of major ISVs are compatible with the web client which has slowed adoption. Meanwhile, on Azure infrastructure services – everything works.

As Partners we have significant benefits with hosting on Azure -

  • Ability to reuse virtual machines
  • So much easier to create test environments
  • Less initial investment costs for small and mid sized businesses.
  • Flexible licensing - there's no need to procure and install hardware locally or rewrite your solutions to deploy to the cloud.

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