Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Copying File Location

I must have spent hundred of hours copying locations of files.

Here is what I generally do

1. F6

2. Ctrl + C

3. Ctrl + V in notepad or email editor

4. Click on the file

5. Click F2

6. Click Ctrl + C

7. Go back to notepad or email editor and press - Ctrl + V


I remembered having read about a shell extension that made this easier, so i googled for "copy file path" and got this - Copy File Path Extension. Requires Dot.Net 2.0.

Now i just have to right click and copy the path.

The really cool thing is that i can copy the UNC path. I generally have to access my machine via machine name to do that right now. This is something which is going to be installed whenever I set up a new machine.

By the way, VISTA has a hidden Context menu that comes up with similar options, when you right click pressing Shift.

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