Friday, October 19, 2007

High Level - System Requirements for MOSS 2007 with Business Portal

MOSS with Business Portal Rocks! As Mark and Partner Source would tell you, this is the feature to learn with GP 10.

Setting it up to work efficiently can be a pain if you ignore the performance guidelines. Here are my notes on MOSS Architecture so far.

First of all, I am going to skip the topology where Business Portal and Great Plains are installed on the same server. That's not practical at all. Microsoft recommends MINIMUM 4 GB RAM for such a server. My experience in trying to set up this configuration for demos is - it would bring your system to a crawl.

So, there can be two types of installations -

1. Stand Alone Installation : In this case everything related to MOSS is installed on the one server. The Data is installed on the SQL Express DB on the same machine. Great Plains rests on a separate server.

A point to consider here - is the 4 GB limit for SQL Express. If you plan to use MOSS for more than Business Portal, this wouldn't be practical.

2. Server Farm Installation : It divides the roles of servers in three parts -

a. Application server

b. Front-end Web server

c. Database server

You can have MOSS on three separate servers, or maybe club the application and web server on one  server and database on another. We are suing this topology on the installations we are doing.

I will post my results on a separate post in a few weeks after getting user feedback. Meanwhile you can check out the thousands of pages of performance guidance from Microsoft here - Planning and architecture for Office SharePoint Server 2007


Anonymous said...

tlzJust want to thank you for the blog. As a GP developer, there seems to be a shortage of "community" out there as resources. Thanks for also touching on Business Portal with MOSS. Keep em coming!!!

Jivtesh Singh said...

Thank you Amanda!
I agree - GP world can do with more bloggers, podcaster, forums, wikis , :)

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