Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finding data in a Database of 1000+ Tables in Dynamics GP

Mark provides a fantastic GP table reference on his blog.

New developers getting started with writing reports or developing applications often ask - "Do you have a document which explains the table structure of Dynamics?".

We end up providing either the huge documentation or pointing them to the table descriptions inside Great Plains.

Table Descriptions inside GP. (Tools > Resource Descriptions)

Often IT guys hoping to build a quick report are overwhelmed and- end up going for Great Plains Partner to build it for them. Considering the complexity of the GP Databases - it does make sense to have them built by an experienced GP developer unless you have long term needs.

Working with the GP Tables, I was always awed by the design. The scale of the whole thing is pretty impressive. According to Microsoft - the SQL is auto-generated by the runtime, which makes sense - I wouldn't want to be on the team that is manually writing or updating 10,000 stored procedures - after each release!

[Talking about Code generation, my favorite tool is Codesmith. Its has saved me thousands of hours over the years. More about it in another post.]

Meanwhile I would highly recommend checking out Mark's excel sheets - which would help you get started with the tables. Whenever I have had to use the table descriptions to figure something out - I have always been pretty frustrated at how slow the process is. This will help! Thanks Mark!

Mark's Excel Sheet

PS - In case there are some folks out there using Small Business Manager - you wont find the Tools > Resource Descriptions. You will have to go into the report writer first.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention Jivtesh. I'm working on the 10.0 version now and should have it up in a week or so.