Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello Blogworld - www.jivtesh.com !

Hello world! After years of contemplation, I am finally taking the big plunge launching my professional blog. This blog should be about - Development, Tech Stuff, Dynamics GP related development, ASP.Net AJAX. Surface Computing, XNA Game Programming, WPF ... and all the other stuff i do on weekends. It would probably be Microsoft centric. I expect to post information of value which is generally lost in emails, documents and coffee table talks. PS - Thats a photograph supposedly from Microsoft's Zune Office.

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Anonymous said...

so i have been searching the internet for just such GP shortcuts. Do you have a shortcut for the purchase order entry document detail screen? I can get away entering a whole po without having to use a mouse except for this one screen. If you have anymore shortcuts you would like share, please email me at jazj10355@aol.com.