Monday, January 7, 2008

Great Plains Service Pack Versions

Update - Find all GP Download Links here - http://www.gpwindow.com/DOWNLOADS/

I always stumble when I have to quickly find out the service pack version of a Great Plains installation. I almost get a panic attack.

It starts like this - Somebody says - Can you *quickly* tell me the service pack version of great plains on that machine/VPC? - and I immediately go to Help Icon | About Microsoft Dynamics GP and see that's it is 9.00.0281 or 8.00g63.

But which version is that ? SP 1, SP2 or SP3 ? I never remember. (Some of the people I know have got super brains. They remember most of the lines of Forrest Gump and that he ran for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. These people remember what number stands for which version, but I never can remember such stuff. )

At that point search in Partnersource stops working, I can't find my links soon enough and it always takes more time than I think it should take me. Even if it takes me one minute I feel bad that it took me double the time it should have taken. It is always a "Lose Lose" situation.

To make life easy for me and others out there - here's the Great Plains Version Number Vs the Service Pack Version. I've also put in the links which should come in handy if you want the version info of a product.

Dynamics GP 2010

No Service Pack: 11.0.1247 Service Pack 1 : 11.00.1524 Service Pack 2/R2 : 11.00.1752

GP Version 10

No Service Pack: 10.00.0774 Service Pack 1 : 10.00.0903 Service Pack 2 : 10.00.1061

Service pack 3: 10.00.1193

Service Pack 4: 10.00.1424

Service Pack 5: 10.00.1579

Version List of Individual Products

Download Link : Service Pack, Hotfix, and Compliance Update Patch Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

GP Version 9

No Service Pack: 9.00.0114 Service Pack 1 (919732): 9.00.0259 Service Pack 2 (923671): 9.00.0281 Service Pack 3 (937795): 9.00.0310

Service Pack 4 : 9.00.0352

Version List of Individual Products

Download Link : Service Pack, Hotfix, and Compliance Update Patch Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0

GP Version 8 No Service Pack : 8.00g7 Service Pack 1a : 8.00g19 Service Pack 2 : 8.00g34 Service Pack 3 : 8.00g44 Service Pack 4 : 8.00g63 Service Pack 4a : 8.00g64 Service Pack 5 : 8.00g73 Version List of Individual Products

Download Link : Service Packs for Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains 8.0

GP Version 7.5 No Service Pack : 7.50g3 Service Pack 1 : 7.50g10 Service Pack 2 : 7.50g16 Service Pack 3 : 7.50g26 Service Pack 4 : 7.50g30 Service Pack 5 : 7.50g43 Service Pack 6 : 7.50g53 Service Pack 7 : 7.50g66 The links are broken, you'll have to dig up your own install files. Mail me if you dont have one.

GP Version 7.0

SP 1 : 7.00g5 SP 2 : 7.00g12

For finding SQL Server Service Pack version here's a nice resource -


Integration Manager Downloads - IM SP2 - 10.00.1072 IM SP1 - 10.00.0932 IM RTM - 10.00.0836 Integration Manager 10 SP1 Integration Manager 10 SP2 FRx 6.7 Service Pack Downloads


washburnello said...

Thanks man, you've saved me a migraine. Customersource was totally flopping for me tonight. :D Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Just had to install a 7.5 server and the version numbers aren't on PartnerSource anymore. You saved me so much time!!! Didn't know g16 was SP2!!! :-) Althea

Anonymous said...

Hi guys i was just wondering :
We can actually download the Service Pack 4 of Great Plain, if i only have the 1st Service Pack Installed do i have to install the 2nd 3rd to be able to install the
4th one? If yes does it can have bad sequence to go from the 1st service Pack to the 4th directly?

Anonymous said...

Great help!

Unknown said...

I am having a dexterity problem, I got a client who is on version 7 (7.00 g12), as soon as i do an enquiry,I got the dexterity error report and GP closes. Do you think that it might be a compatibility problem with .net framework? or XP SP2 or SP3?

Unknown said...

The client runs on SLQ 2000 SP2, some machine are on XP SP2 amd SP3, and they also got SAP installed on their machine.
Could this result in such a problem? (Dexterity error)

Anonymous said...

open gp 10, log in as sa, then go to the great plains toolbar at the top and choose setup then registration, then about and you will see the service packs.