Thursday, April 17, 2008

IM 10 : Error Message - Integration Destination not set

You build and test an integration. You test it again. Then you go to a user to let them test it. "Okay all you have to do is open this integration and Click "RUN""

And then you get this error.

"This integration cannot be run because of the following problem(s):

Integration Destination not set. Use Add Destination to set a destination object for the integration. The destination specified by this integration uses an adapter that is not installed.

The destination will be removed from this integration."

Cause #1 : You were over confident.

Resolution #1 : Never look confident when using Integration Manager . Reduce your confidence and try again.

Cause #2 : You are pointing to a shared Integration Manager Database and somebody else has this integration open

Resolution #2 : Close Other open instance of Integration Manager and try again.

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