Saturday, April 19, 2008

Programming Contest with a Supermodel !

This is kind of old, but too good to pass.

One of my favorite Coding Tools is Coderush and Refactor by DevExpress. They have templates for code generation, which make you extremely productive. We all have used Coderush for a long time and know it saves a lot of time.

Recently the guys at DevExpress organized a challenge at DevConnections where you had a speed coding contest with this Super Model. Check it out - there's a video out there as well.


At the DevConnections conference in Las Vegas NV, we took a spokesmodel, gave her 6 hours training and then let her go head-to-head with experienced software developers to determine who could write working code faster, more efficiently, in either C# or VB.

With the help of CodeRush Sara went undefeated.

If you write code in Visual Studio .Net for anything more than 6 hours per week - you should be using this!

Read another post here and here. And you can read the most interesting post on Mark Miller's blog. He is the funniest guy ... uncensored brilliance.

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