Friday, May 23, 2008

Dynamics PartnerSource 2.0

Disclaimer : This is a wish. Maybe somebody like Mark would notice, and maybe some Microsoft guy reading Mark's blog would notice that. And maybe someday we would have these features.

The world is already talking about Web 3.0. I wish Partnersource had a few Web 2.0 features. Who knows maybe Microsoft is already working on them.

1. More Community Participation Options :

Comments with Knowledge Base Articles. Many MSDN Articles now have comments with them - I don't see why we cant have this feature with KB Articles.

2. Usability and Joy of Use

Compare Partnersource with any of the Ruby on Rail's Apps - We are far behind. AJAX, Auto completion are things that can be added here - to name a few. Silverlight, maybe ? That would be wonderful! Can't the web team make a Partnersource BETA version their pet project ?

3. Cross Browser Compatibility

This is how the new home page looks in firefox ... Often I have to switch between Firefox and IE because certain pages just dont load up in Firefox. I don't really mind - but as a Dynamics GP Partner I wish ... for better standards.

Partnersource Homepage in IE

Partnersource Homepage in Firefox

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Unknown said...

I talked to some PS guys at Convergence and some of the changes they mentioned are already coming to pass. However, these are the minor changes, the big ones are still coming.

If you or anyone from your org are going to be at WPD, they are doing usability testing for PS.


My sense from talking to the team is that PS and CS are getting a new lease on life and a little better budget thanks to Kirill.

I'd keep blogging about what you want an make sure you add suggestions to the newsgroup and the product suggestions page.