Thursday, July 10, 2008

From Hero to ...

Lazy Thursday afternoon. I was helping a client who had a batch stuck problem. The batches couldnt be recovered from the batch recovery.

User : "Will it take long ?"

Me : "No, it shouldn't"

User : "Can you show me how to fix it, so I don't have to bother you next time around."

Me : "Hmm.... Sure......I'll install a small utility and next time you can do this yourself."

User : "Wow!"

The user seemed smart, so I downloaded and installed the automated solution for Batch Stuck in Posting. She had two stuck batches, so I ran the utility to show her how easily she could make the batches available again. I pointed out the problem in the batch that caused it to get stuck. And I explained how they could check this before posting to avoid this in the future.

She looked happy and I felt like a hero.

User : "This is so great! Thank you!"

I should have left then, but I was happy showing how easy it was. And a part of me likes to test everything. So I tried to open the second batch and got this error message

"Unhandled script exception: Index 0 of array 'VerifyBatchTotals' is out of range in script 'Batch_Lookup_ Scrolling_ Window SCROLL_FILL' . Script terminated"


Me : "Hmm ... I will need to check the server for this, Give me 10 minutes!"

User : "If it helps, it was a recurring batch"

So I went to the database and saw there was a corrupt record in SY000500. I fixed it. The error went away but so did my smooth show. It was like Roger Federer double faulting 3 times at matchpoint!

It was an old recurring batch and I saw in an old Database Backup that the entry was corrupted long time back. Running the utility made the batch available(Changes the batch status bit to 0) but caused all these other errors.

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