Thursday, April 2, 2009

Customization Status Window

This is a great window to “temporarily” disable a product while troubleshooting. When you log back into the System the Product gets loaded again.

Tools >> Customize >> Customization Status


If you want to permanently disable a product you should update the Dynamics.set file

1. Take a backup of the Dynamics.set file

2. Open Dynamics.Set file in your text editor and remove the files associated with the product. This would normally include the product dictionaries, name and ID.

3. Decrease the count on the first line of file by one.

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David Musgrave said...

Hi Jivtesh

Have you looked at the Support Debugging Tool's Dictionary Control feature.

It allows you disable triggers AND alternate windows AND can remember settings next time the application is launched.

It also can be used to shuffle products up and down or delete them from the Dynamics.set launch file while keeping a backup.