Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dummy’s Guide to Capturing Log Files Using Support Debugging Tool

I have been a little slow in making good use of the Support Debugging Tool. However, it definitely seems to save considerably more time than it takes in setting up, so I am warming up more.

Now that I have the tool installed at a few places, generating DexSQL.Log, Profile.txt, Srcipt.Log takes just a couple of clicks as you will see below.

Here’s how I did it earlier –

1. Close Dynamics

2. Make Dex.ini Changes to enable logging

3. Log In and Generate Logs

4. Log out

5. Make Dex.ini Change to turn off logging

6. Log Back in

Here’s how I do it when I have Support Debugging Tool

1. Turn on Logging using Tool and Generate Logs

2. Turn off Logging using Tool

First you need to install the Tool (Just Copy the chunk file!)

1. Copy the “Debugger.cnk” file and paste it in the Dynamics GP Installation folder


1. Launch Dynamics and include the new code


2. Support Debugging will be available at Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Support Debugging Tool

Generating DexSQL.Log, Profile.txt, Script.Log with just a couple of Clicks

Typically you would want to capture the log associated with a specific action. You should turn on logging just before you reach that state.

1. Turn on Manual Logging by Clicking on the “Turn on” button

Carry out the action you want to log


2. Turn off Logging


You will find the log files in the GP Folder. To ensure that the log files are not overwritten, the User, Company and date and time information are appended to the default file name.


That's it! I especially loved this when the 30 odd minutes I had set aside to capture the logs, ended up being just 8 minutes!

More Information -

Download Link - http://blogs.msdn.com/developingfordynamicsgp/archive/2008/09/03/support-debugging-tool-the-wait-is-over.aspx

Introduction to the Tool By David - http://blogs.msdn.com/developingfordynamicsgp/archive/2008/07/30/support-debugging-tool-for-microsoft-dynamics-gp.aspx

First Look By Mariano Gomez - http://dynamicsgpblogster.blogspot.com/2008/08/first-look-at-support-debugging-tool.html 

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