Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GPWindow.com – Thousands of GP Tips and Tricks from All MVPs and Experts

For a while now, we have had the custom GP Custom Search engine which searched handpicked Dynamics GP Blogs. Now you have an easy to remember Address for this Search Engine-  www.GPWindow.com.

In addition to the Search Engine, the GP Articles by various MVPs and Experts have been organized by categories, for people who like browsing rather than searching. There are over 6000 articles in various categories. The topics are ranked based on their importance based on how often they are recommended by other GP Experts.

As of today, there are 6169 articles organized into various GP categories like  - 


In this category, right on the top you will see Mark Polino’s extremely famous “50 MORE Tips in 50 Minutes” presentation. Under the main Tips and Tricks category, you can find hundreds of great tips for each module like -


2. REPORTING (531 Sub-Item) which includes MANAGEMENT REPORTER, SmartList Builder, Report Writer and so on.

3.  A category for the red hot SUPPORT DEBUGGING TOOL under TOOLS FOR GP (102 Sub-Items)

4.  OFFICE INTEGRATION (143 Sub-Items)

Some sample posts -

5. DEVELOPMENT (470 Sub-Items)

6. GP USER INFO (190 Sub-Items)

7. GP TECH INFO (249 Sub-Items)

This category would be useful for people who support or implement Dynamics GP. It has information about

8. DOWNLOADS (30 Sub-Items)

Hopefully this section will save everybody a lot of time. Here you will find the latest links for Dynamics GP Release Downloads, FRx DownloadsGP Service Pack Downloads, IM Downloads and Management Reporter Download

My favorite link here is the Dynamics GP Product Downloads and Service Pack Links maintained and kept current by David Musgrave


Here you will find Consultants Sell article by Martin from eOne Solutions, and lots of excellent articles by Dwight Specht like “I did my job” – “Yeah, but we suck” , Managing in a Downturn, Bad Client! Bad, Bad Client!Evaluation of Consulting Staff and many others.

10. GP 3RD PARTY SOLUTIONS / ISVs (188 Sub-Items)

Here you will find some product information including information about Free Dynamics GP Addon’s by Matt Landis and company.

11. SQL SCRIPTS (217 Sub-Items)

Here you will find the Useful SQL Scripts Series by David Musgrave and other scripts by Mariano, Mark, Victoria, M Daoud and Ron Wilson at Real Life Dynamics User Blog. You can find more than 200 scripts under various modules.

12. SECURITY IN GP (121 Sub-Item) 


This site is all Dynamics GP, so you would see a category for Dex.ini Settings (with excellent posts from Leslie Vail, Mariano and Mark ) and one for Reports.dic under SUPPORT (TECHNICAL) (438 Sub-Items) .

N0tes -

  1. There are over 200 categories so I highly recommend using “CTRL + F” to look for a category.
  2. There are over 6000 articles, the articles above are just a small selection from each category. I was also trying to keep a healthy mix of articles from all GP Experts. Please dig into a category to find out more articles. Over the next few months I will try and detail out the most popular articles in each category.

Thank you notes !

Thanks to David Musgrave for noticing and promoting the Custom GP Blog Search, which lead to GPWindow.com, and for his excellent review. Thanks to Vaidy for taking out time to review the website in detail, and staying up late to give his feedback in a busy week. Thanks to Mariano Gomez, the GP expert with the big heart, for passing on good words about GPWindow. Thanks to Mark Polino and M Daoud for their feedback.

Thanks to my good friend Evgeny for his techie magic. Thanks to Rubal, the idea-machine, for suggesting a URL and the directory, she already has ideas about the next version. Thanks to Kuldeep for telling me every Monday morning- “You know, I’ll tell you the truth - the website looked pretty average last week, but now it ROCKS! It looks very useful now!”, and after reading this post telling me “You know I like the site, and I like your post about it, but the Thank you notes are a little cheesy!” He said it was perfect, when I told him, the only name I could take out was his name.

Thanks to Chetna for volunteering to spend time in reviewing the website and checking meticulously if there was any missing data, to Tina for her keen eye pointing out all the things that didn’t work, to Richard and Belinda for their encouragement and humor!

Feedback and Next Steps -

  1. Use the website, Search or Directory, whatever you prefer. If you have trouble finding a download link, try looking it up in the Downloads category, if you are searching for a SQL Script, try using the search. If GPWindow helps, let me know or spread the word.
  2. If you go into a category and notice an old article missing, please shoot me a line. Because of the sheer volume of the articles there could be some articles missing from their appropriate categories. 
  3. Do see any categories missing ? or any categories that are difficult to find ?
  4. Any other feedback your might have – add it as a comment to this blog or shoot an email.

Hopefully GPWindow will help you find the extremely valuable articles created by people in the GP community ! Good Luck!

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