Friday, July 30, 2010

Management Reporter Installation Guides, and a Gift

I am going to gift you something today – “Time”.

Before you get started with the Management Report Install make sure you have the following installed on IIS -  

  1. IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility Feature for IIS 7
  2. ASP.Net
  3. WCF HTTP Activation

Two other things to keep in mind before you get started

  1. Management Reporter requires a domain (thanks to Tina for the link)
  2. Management Reporter would not work with GP 10, it only works with GP 2010

Here’s the gift – Read the Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Installation, Migration, and Configuration Guides, and read them carefully. Its a little overwhelming with about 34 files, but you just need about 5  –

These are the files you should be getting, if you have a US Install (Otherwise take the other files on the same page)-

  1. System Requirements for Management Reporter - MRSystemRequirements_ENUS.pdf
  2. Installation Guide for Management Reporter  - MRforDynERPInstGuide_ENUS.pdf
  3. Migrating from FRx 6.7 to Management Reporter - MRforDynERPMigrfromFRxGuide_ENUS.pdf
  4. Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Data Provider Configuration Guide - MRforDynERPDataProvInstGuide_ENUS.pdf
  5. Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Readme - MRv2Readme_ENUS.pdf

Recently there was a question in the newsgroups about a Management Reporter feature, so I thought it would be good if I had the latest version running on my PC. It would only take a few minutes I thought, and I quickly glanced through the System requirements, Readme and the installation guide and launched the setup.

I knew I needed IIS, I set that up and then proceeded with the install – getting quite a few errors because I missed the parts above in the System Requirements - 

IIS 6 Metabase compatibility role must be installed with IIS 7.0. I missed this and got the following error.



Easy enough, I set that up - Under Program and Features opened up “Turn Windows Features on or off”


Ran the installed again and got the – Management Report application service requires that ASP.NET be enabled




Set that up


Then I got the following error – WCF HTTP Activation be enabled in the Microsoft .Net Framework features. At this point, I was ready to kick myself. I was reading the installation guide again and again, but these 3 items were in the system requirements document.






After that I got this error – and understood that this was not going to happen on my PC. Shifting over to a VPC.





Another error that my colleague Tina mailed me about was the “Invalid version of GP or invalid database”'

Management Reporter only works with GP 2010, it doesn’t work with GP 10.





I’ve added the Install Guides and other Management Reporter Installation posts under the Management Report Installation Category on GPWindow http://www.gpwindow.com/REPORTING/MANAGEMENT_REPORTER/Installation/

Here’s a nice Management Reporter Server Install Guide - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicscpm/archive/2010/01/15/installing-the-management-reporter-server.aspx

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